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My love and the mobile phone that I love
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Go up big 2 when, that the richest schoolgirl in the home in the dormitory bought an Aerkate OT512, in my impression, there is so much mobile phone in be like a student at that time, mobile phone function also is done not have so complete now. There is a Lilliputian to be over there in game of her that mobile phone pass a barrier of scamper about land, every time " dead " when still cry greatly, have again even if send short message, calling basic function.

The boy friend that awaits me in those days is in the school, two people besides answer class of dormitory, white sky to not be together in the evening, other time is together, before studying by oneself in scheduled time on, he is calling me downstairs or call enough, had never wanted to be necessary to buy a mobile phone to send a short message to perhaps taking a mobile phone to call of what.

Lay between half an year later, the dormitory had a schoolgirl to buy " colour star " mobile phone, say the what subsidiary that is SamSung is produced, had been 24 chord, good envy! The first schoolgirl that buys a mobile phone also changed riverside of a flying benefit at the same time, forgot what model, anyway eldest sister fills report 67 days, knew at that time small the batteries that fly is really good with!

Have partner of male friendly posture, I am bestowed favor on to get unlike look, disposition is gotten by his be used to very big, he always is letting me, I am lost in his love, what doesn't have unidentified however Bai Wei acceptance...

In July 2003, he graduates; He had begun to apply for a job at the beginning of 2003. Man, oneself always are when pressure is great bear, whats do not say. Know condition of his home economy is not quite good, though apply for a job, still did not see he buys a mobile phone. By 2002, the fellowship that we fasten came down, I also have a share, be happy! Always want to repay repay him, because know what I also won't get to take money without him, although ask,cross him, but I think again: Him be economical buys a mobile phone to him!

At that time, the he is busy graduation design that does him, apply for a job, can let me help him now and then draw, write project word, I know he is busy, not give the heart to disturbs him. However, feeling also can change as time happening, although we did not change, the time that be together is very few however, feeling has had no longer it seems that once temperature. May, the stipend that myself is taking fellowship, province goes rambling the country is beautiful, at that time with respect to an idea: Buy a petty gain, strong. I 3610 with 756 yuan, exceed bright screen, clavier, in dormitory power cut when it is flashlight absolutely! See this mobile phone go up again later return 896 yuan, lasted all the time half an year is much, very beautiful! Because oneself bought cheap good mobile phone!
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