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Experience Nuojiya " human nature is changed "
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Nuojiya, not be the first my mobile phone. But since the hand at the beginning of 2000 grasp Nuojiya 8810 begin, I liked to go up she. White box (writing " it is with the person this " ) , black velvet, foil the mobile phone of silvery white, suit me simple too! Slowly, when be an organic whole till the hand blend that feels she and me suddenly one day, I just know we cannot depart! Had used 8 cell panel up to now, still have the cell panel of friend express famous brand that asks me to be in Zhuhai twice, he says: "You think is to eat cracker! " up-to-date, my 8810, still in good condition nondestructive, I often still am taken play. If because do not have Chinese short message,not be, I believe to still be met now everyday with her always together. Because need short without Chinese information, I had changed the mobile phone of other brand, not be very satisfactory. Await in those days, be worth a hearsay Nuojiya 8800 will be in 2005 appear on the market first quarter. I begin to expect, even if end was away on official business to the United States 2004, I also am look for its fragrant footprint. Not if really! Draw near appear on the market, be informed 8800 function general, still be day price! I am furious: "This is to grab money! " no more than was to use us to have " 8800 " the psychology of the consumer of complex needed! If be other product brand, I can say: "Also do not buy this ghost brand again! " but, to Nuojiya, I say not to come out. I can go up in other type only make an issue of, , , , , , day! Had! 7270! At the beginning of 2005, below the company of husband and daughter, buy Denuojiya 7270, in using although some are regretful (what writing like other friend is same: Bai Bing, echo, change cell panel to want to input time, bide one's time time weak point is waited a moment) , but a thing lets me touch recently: Nuojiya is truly " human nature is changed " ! Buy machine when, I say red jacket is good-looking, black was not used. But, not long ago, changed my think of a way thoroughly. A middleaged friend dies, I should attend his memorial meeting, if red mobile telephone draws out certain misgivings, think of suddenly to still spare black skin is covered! Quiver in my heart: Nuojiya is really it is with the person this!

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