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Network story- - indissoluble aureately affection predestined relationship
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Same time, different spot...

On March 17, 2007, in the morning 10 when, g edifice A.

Lily ended today conference of the first telephone, regard this transnational corporation as the youngest general manager, all previous is hit via duty field of nearly 10 years go all out, the force that the eye looks at the company below the effort in oneself is larger and larger, lily feels contented fully with proud!

At the moment, the echo of ground of moving air gentleness of The Chanson is in the office, lily is looking at the cover of the fashionable magazine that is put on the desk, that is one is twinkling the Aegean of aureate spoondrift. Lily likes the artistic conception of this piece of photograph and conception, after she decides in this paragraph busy job comes to an end already, go Aegean Yi Dela island, experience the Aegean aureate lasting appeal below the sun one time.

The assistant that show pleasant smiles made today's program arrangement the report, remind her to suffer designedly invite an activity that enters some fashion magazine to be held tonight, lily won't forget this of course around " successful woman " and " aureate " the style that develop is right, she thinks aureate place is shown off peculiarly all the time, nobility and costly move are the colour that can explain his most.

SamSung E838

On March 17, 2007, in the morning 10 when, s apartment.

Jo awakes in the prize ring of The Chanson, through the fight hard of one night, this period the content of the magazine was finished entirely at long last. Agitato of the subordinate in the phone tells him to go up period magazine sales volume is good, "Especially a lot of readers come to the Aegean cover that you film report expresses like! " Jo is smiling, this is him really at present the most satisfactory work.

Finally, subordinate tells him, there are 3 activities tonight " hit a car " , let him be sure to attend a among them. Among them the activity that fashionable magazine conducts let Jo generate strong interest, because subordinate says " an aureate mobile phone also should appear first in this activity! Was opposite, it is SamSung E838! " aureate mobile phone? Although the working Jo with old course found the scenery of a few special beauty, thing, but, in the heart in him most those who dote on still is " aureate " , he likes aureate full feel with make public, an aureate mobile phone can make popular the largest window certainly! Then he decides, cannot miss this " aureate " row.
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