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My vogue equips
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I feel I like the electronic product of a few vogue very much, but because salary is insufficient beautiful, can look in all sorts of forum more only, had passed eye strong interest. Also have really nevertheless be overcome alluring, spent case-dough to buy or be offer shopping application to wife. Say the source of all sorts of things:   of plane of sport of 1, PSP actually I all the time very boycott day of goods, PSP sees on the net till me, I just realize: Do you have so that choose? If do not buy PSP, with what I still can replace it? Go up in the net continuously bubble 3 months, saw true opportunity a few times in computer city, suffer stimulation, final decision is taken with case-dough, value 2000 yuan, it is 1 version in one's hand, upgrade to 1.5 by oneself, use well still to now, take when arriving home, say with wife: I helped XXX what work, also feel embarrassed receive his fund, he sends me this plays meaning. My wife sees that boy still thanks him later, frowsty happy. My son hears children's song now with it, my wife reads a novel with it, I play game with it.   of machine of fire of 2, ZIPPO likes ZIPPO fire chance very much all the time, but oneself are in smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline from beginning to end not in the decision of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, wife also knows I like it, spend birthday in me before today, ask I want what gift, I do not want to make her floriferous money, say whats do not want, she says that she must send, if I am not appointed, was chosen by her, then I was appointed want lighter, although she feels disloyal to use, but also be bought to me, and it is the chromic 205 that I like most. To now lighter had become the one part that I cannot come off, drink old wine every time, look for glasses first in the morning the following day, it is ZIPPO next, it is a mobile phone next, these are in, I set my mind at, the rate that money clincher gets a care is in behind. ZIPPO is very good with, wife thinks to be able to use 5 a 3, months only so, see it now so durable, also feel to hold out a value. I think is the man can like, send at least 8 lighter to others so.   of 3, sabre likes a knife as a child, since the university at hand has the money that can control freely, buy a few swords constantly, but basically send a person later. After going to work, wanting to buy to oneself, dan Taigui, always look so, do not buy, bought a few later, it is the gift that sends a person. Await in those days with wife love, I spend birthday, wife sent me sabre of a Switzerland, later because by air cause, send cousin it. Later from sabre of a few Switzerland wanted over there the elder brother, also send wife cabinet Swiss sabre.   of report of 4, hand hand report is very actually simple, artillery piece of batteries, lamp, circuit. The hand report that can be now make a lot of additional costs come: Waterproof, prevent fall, of anticorrosive what, had the hand report that I like very much then. The elder brother is to be in chemical plant, deal with of classics regular meeting report of hand of a few special type, promised to give me then, but did not cash all the time, I see report of a hand to sister home, like very much, say to be taken with the elder sister came home, crossed an elder sister a few days to deliver charger. This is the hand report of a marine king, very delicate, electric power is very good also, what the price checks on the net is 700 yuan are controlled. Know to there is a website to say hand report technically on the net again later, have those who study laser, have those who study report of hand of tactics of for military use, of civil hand report, dou Taigui was canned not afford.   of 5, tool I am had to labour collect addiction, of all sorts of suit, of loose mail, as long as it is new, I like, achieve a lot of good things through all sorts of illegal meanses: Hand electric drill 2, avometer 2, suit tool N is covered. . . . I still can continue to collect. Equipment of 6, communication I learn computer major, be opposite so electronic product very fan, 93 years of universities when had opportunity of digital notify sb of a phone call, the Chinese character that what 96 years graduation uses is big adviser of Motolora double platoon passes Beep-Pager, began 98 years to have the first oneself mobile phone, began mobile phone career next: Love to establish a letter 398 lost, motolora renovate 308 sold, motolora 928 sold, the what model of flying benefit riverside has forgotten send a person, loved T29 establishing a letter to sell, motolora 375 send a person, samSung 508 send a person, what use now is the K750C that all alone loves, it is the gift that wife sends me. Can think these now, but had used not merely these, calculate now will have 10 at least. Ah, used 10 mobile phones 8 years, fierce. Drink yesterday evening much, early in the morning discovers igneous machine was lost, depressed. A brother calls later for over him, glad. But work overtime in the unit really brokenhearted head, wrote these, quite interesting.
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