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The first my mobile phone
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Remember a certain number of before New Year, cummer makes a conduct a sightseeing tour, we get together to leave less much. She always makes a telephone call to me, and I cannot be contacted with her however, the reason is very simple -- she does not have a mobile phone. She always is in money flower to me to buy on high-grade dress, she says: "Dress is decent the esteem that is pair of clients, be helpful for your business. " and I, want to send her a mobile phone in the plan all the time.

The Valentine's Day that year Feburary 14, we make an appointment have dinner of a restaurant. I say intentionally occupied and likely want behind schedule to go, beforehand I had told all detail to the friend of cafeteria appropriate. I hide in shadow to see she has been entered secretly, go in her face about closet when, the service is born to put the mobile phone of my try to win sb's favor on her table. She comes back to just sat down, noise of euphonic mobile phone bell rises, she is very strange, the mobile phone that who asking a service to be born is is lost was here, the service is unripe say: "Young lady, you can be received listen, perhaps be owner of lost property hit. " she is received listen to a mobile phone, my sound transmits of course inside: "Dear, are you not bad? Be me! " " wow, how be you? Where are you? The what spirit that make! " she spends a look immediately blank, napkin is touched fell one ground. "Ha, I am in not far from you place, what you are taking is the Valentine's Day gift that I send you! " that momently, I experience a kind of form that serves as contemporary communication to the mobile phone, when you are communicated attentively, can have grade more.

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