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100 change MOTO---Make me more outstanding!
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Manage high-tech period personally, whether had you asked yourself such question; What is just the science and technology that you need? Perhaps it looks to know, use meet namely, it is humorous and amused perhaps, bring you to enter get the better of, it is quick-witted and address perhaps, be apt to dismisses your idea. We say: Understand thoroughly a variety of your demand, just you need because of you unfamiliar science and technology!

I am MOTO dutiful user, intention language series is when beginning the earliest to use the mobile phone of MOTO, the T191 at that time is new machine new flavor really, I am to mix mostly the colleague is to rely on to send information to contact, which rate is really rapid, the fellow says to had not answered me my information sends message, breathe out ah actually I thank MOTO really is the feeling that it let me experience the sort of joy not to have the limit, let my all the time do not leave it, go with male friend in that years 02 regrettablly Sichuan travels, we two be troubled by contradiction, stretch issues me to throw the mobile phone on the ground continuously, give hold fall bad (but I look at its where to wear,call it my gas with respect to can unripe male friend gives it simply threw) . . . Think I regret a bit really at that time! ! But what that has again be but what that has again,used?

V70 series selected later, somebody feels V70 can says the artwork of the mobile phone makes a person willing buy, admire and collect, and I want to say a bit my view however, I must admit the shock that its appearance brings is experienced, also let me appreciate advanced function at the same time. Began me to begin new view to the mobile phone from this machine namely, subsequently and those who come is the mobile phone had new breakthrough, and I also am in short supply because of temporary economy and changing new mobile telephone, but this machine accompanied me to spend a few year all the time, till last year go travelling even cloud harbor when National Day eve, was stolen on board, I just regret at that time oneself how so carelessness, although it already was passed when but I am right,it is sentient however, if be in,I always am thinking those day the opportunity that chooses to me, I am met certainly well for company it, do not let it leave me well love it. . .

Later, I began to be as long as of a few months choose machine course, single out the function that oneself need first, like music, take a picture, support blue tooth. . . After the alternative that passed a few months, eventually new year's day bought E398 that day. This is I am carried through essence of life fine single out the thinks to suit me most mobile phone that come, when seeing it for the first time, I had fondled admiringly, black grinds arenaceous crust, let me use with facility, want acknowledgment to recommend this friend to me at that time really, thank you to let me have a so good machine, I love it to be just like love well certainly myself is same. . ! !
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