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The story of mobile phone assistant and mobile phone
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I am assistant of a mobile phone, the love of adversary machine also is love the new and loathe the old, often new machine appears on the market, see their beautiful and delicate surface, close and use function, I am met ready to do sth, generation has her desire. But, I am not the person of an impulsive act, I want the feeling to them only, tell more people that love to her, let more people love them, until encounter the form that makes me enchanted again, ability can love another person, forget the love to her.
Write down so that visit enters first, I the first see what SamSung A408 is attracted by her, be the black, chasteness with bewildered red, dark purpose without giving thought to is white, high still orchid, plus the girl people the ornament that likes rose design, deft airframe weight, close female serves a function, these let me be her infatuate, and this kind of infatuation lasted very long period of time.

A day was July 2002 then, I am debugging the A408 mobile phone that I love, this dresses up from time to tome in the store that very modern lady enters us, I feel she also suits to use this mobile phone very much, and the mobile phone that I love me gladly also most promotes more people, then I recommended A408 to her. Through my explanation, this lady is a bit enchanted also, but happened accidentally, she is in remand I when as a result of us two people do not have tacit understanding, cause her to drop the look was destroyed on the ground, the knock on housing dropped a small lacquer before, fortunately she just gave an issue on the exterior. Because this lady has not been bought, responsibility is in largely I, finally, I am her with the salary of my month beautiful look (changed new before housing) .

From this later, often I think of me that one monthly wages, I am enraged, that is I come 20 years, a the most valuable lesson is gotten on. And to the boredom of A408 also thenceforth begins me, this also is exclusive because my settle on is other,not be mobile phone and love to stop to hers, my love to her also equalize not perfect full stop.

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