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Cummer and small 6
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Before buying a mobile phone, ran inn of a lot of mobile phones, say 6230 stop production, but still do not agree to abandon after the detailed material that read him on the net, saw his commodities from abnormal channel in an inn eventually, after the 398 courses that remember with M are compared for many times, was to buy very small 6, still distribute a piece of 128MMC card, although risk a danger that is face-lifting machine.

With me cummer buys that together, she is to disapprove of me to buy this machine at first child, the reason is the price (1600) plus the danger that is face-lifting machine. After was being bought, undertake breaking up more study to him, and add protection to fondle admiringly more, return oversight of within an inch of cummer, this makes her very not suitable and envy a bit (the) that cummer says.

Eventually one day, cummer vinegar meaning sends greatly say with me:" You are right machine child be opposite too fortunately I, if he lost me to ask you to eat big food! ! "Next I say:" Lost you also won't lose him. Lost you also won't lose him..

Cummer indissolubles, ask why, I say:" If lost you,you can look for me to perhaps phone me, but lost him, he won't look for me actively however I go looking for his cough up! ! "Instant, arm, back noise has thunderous sound.

The advice is here trivial the machine of 6 is confused people, must not oversight your other in part ah ~~~~~~~~~~~

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