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Perfect? Occasionally annals of 10 mobile phones
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Be not intimate contact for the first time: Love GF 788c establishing a letter

First time is real, really true the mobile phone of bring into contact with, before making an appointment with 8 years from heretofore even spoke of Spring 1998, old at that time father spent 3000 much ocean to do a love to establish the GF 788c of the letter. Cabinet, contracted classical next renovate modelling designs and very powerful function (still write down a few 10 so that there is the manual of all sorts of language versions in the box at that time, idol like as if one find out treasure had browsed no less than 10) , make age still young occasionally all the time its deify content (it is to do not have method to do close handgrip to play then from old father really actually play, beauty of alleged distance generation is such in the main) , probably this also loves to stand to be opposite occasionally in the future letter and even ever since Suoniaili is believed have a special liking made a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story.

Final go off the stage: Regrettablly old father is trashy it how long, give it lost. Was used to a mobile phone day, nature is one day also cannot leave it. Then a brand-new GF 788c appeared again before long in the hand of old father, old father is accompanied in time of nearly 3 years subsequently charge forward, establish next one's contributions in work. Change be the rage till 2001, the TCL of 2980 sets price auger till conch machine 999D, ever since GF 788c with respect to flounder the hand of the you colleague at old father, most propbably now also already die.

The love of time of Liu Dehua acting talk establishs a letter. . Regrettablly this fellow gives Jin Li purchase unexpectedly now, sweat. . .

The first belongs to his mobile phone truly: Xi Menzi 3568i

Time flash arrived September 2002, ou Gang begins to read big 3 when, wanting how to give super and dull undergraduate to add a bit pleasure alive? Have a PDA to be able to be improved somewhat probably, be had a fever for PDA together friendly diehard followers bewitch, at the same time also by the old bird of forum of certain and famous PDA people washed a head, make " year young ignorance " all function that believes a PDA can have a PC occasionally, and the portable sex that again PC place cannot is likened to and low price. Be in then term begins 3000 much ocean spent to buy first at that time the cheapest Pocket PC on market: Associate XP100, also began what go up in digital product occasionally to defeat the home not to put in a road 's charge subsequently. At the beginning, besides can see a movie, listen to MP3 besides, XP100 most attract occasionally still having a function is wireless got online, at that time one is had infra-red appear with the mobile phone of online function particularly necessary.
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