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You and my feeling is in together
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Kang Jia, you and my feeling is in together!

Just went to work, see others has a mobile phone, the itch in the heart must be no good, be forced to exchange views with old father let him invest me to buy ministry mobile phone. I come to mobile phone inn at that time, counterjumper recommends Kang Jia 3218, look at, well, this guy is good, wanted. The desire that has a mobile phone was reached, fondle admiringly everyday, and always can hear on advertisement: "Kang Jia -- the sound that listens attentively to the world " , it is to let me feel proud more.

When this mobile phone used near one year, I knew him -- the Bai Ma in the heart. This is my first love, also be I use situation the deepest. He is to use Motolora mobile phone in those days, we each other sends a short message between each other, this mobile phone became I and his emotive contact implement, message hair rotted, my feeling of two also is rising lukewarm, I love him hard extricate oneself, he is very good to me also, return acceptance to want to take care of me all one's life. Right now, kang Jia 7388 already was born, sheet feels character by her amber silver the exterior, already became the target of the angle in my memory, everything is in progress, then the ministry uses sentiently already 3218 what also wash out me what be loved the new and loathe the old subsequently, but thousands of yuan of price lets me step forward to stop again again, first wait-and-see. When sending a short message once, he asks me most what to want, because my birthday was gotten on for, I listed thing of one caboodle high price for fun: I want Kang Jia 7388 ah, beetle car, still want villatic Ye. His reply says your desire can come true, I also did not ask he can realize my desire painstakingly at that time, it is fun to me after all just. Go to work one of these day, he carried a bag to promote hasty ground to run to be put by me, inspect to me laugh with respect to desert. Hinder how to had been not made public at concerning with his at that time, wait for after coming off work, I just was opened -- she, I expect 7388 long already, in get her while the surprise accompanies each other, forward also to his feeling more strode one pace, he understands my heart really. Later he " honest " explain, because just appeared on the market, this mobile phone is him travel-stained the motorcycle that flew many minutes 30, ran a lot of inn is bought, he did not wait to send me to my birthday, it is good to make me excited fully a period of time. I accepted his precious gift, hinder at the not recieve a reward without make a merit, me 3218 " exchange " give him. When be being worn to he and love of 7388 wild land in me, he put forward to let the requirement that I break down nearly however: We part company. He says we do not suit, say me too indulge him, sooner or later I can feel tired, he says I am a very good girl, can find a boy that loves me more than him, no matter how I ask, he is determined to already was decided, still left me after all, my first love stops abruptly. I to 7388, tear is not had sadly breath without stop to flowing all, why, why should be opposite I am so cruel, you let me get what I expect, let me lose what what another I cherish however. Because part company, I put forward will 7388 return him, but the gift that he says to send out does not call in absolutely, then I left this to let me look to have 7388 what good memory gives me serious blow again however, and very good all the time still entertainment is worn she, up to now my crust still is like new, the high price that still spent 120 yuan matched to her more the colour carapace of cruel. Using this mobile phone while, the feeling to him as be opposite 7388 be like from beginning to end euqally first, I think: Loving a person is happy, real love is about to choose the freedom of love to him. Love like me 7388, her altruistic consecratory move she is with the person this technology, to 7388, I feel clinking happiness.
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