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My play machine career
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Remember somebody saying, the man should have so all one's life the hobby of pursuit, just arrive from interest hobby, arrive from the hobby again profession, far either say that kind is easy. Clutch points to calculate come, arrive from the first had mobile phone now, already 6 years superabundant, have or be experienced or the mobile phone style that play also close to hard statistic. Mobile phone, as me " hobby is tasted " , it is a profession more, always have in memory so a few make my engrave permanent, for a long time never dismiss from one's mind.

Prehistoric piece: Nuojiya 6150With gluttonous snake -- my mobile phone is illuminative education

Go up century 1999, as me of the student that does not have income, already right some earlier year be called " hand-hold portable telephone " portable phone generated strong interest. The mobile phone that there is old father namely when learning in play play, remember old father practical at that time is Nuojiya 6150, a classical Shuang Pin " chameleon " -- the case with special simple talent can be below the illuminate of light of different point of view show different color. As a result of the relation of the age, do not have the impression of what profundity to the imitate machine of the earlier Motolora before this, OKI, and the mobile phone as me is illuminative education, what can attract me most is 6150 lis gluttonous snake undoubtedly.

Nuojiya 6150

Piece one: SamSung and love establish a letter -- two my the first

What actually I did not think of the first my mobile phone comes so is fast -- the gift as first birthday that enters a college, an elder gives SGH -600c of a SamSung me. In Chinese passes the time with Beep-Pager faddish even, so heavy ceremony lets me indeed with reverence and awe. The ad that everybody still remembers heating up sowed SGH -600c in those days piece? The sound of crisis hour term that a fireman is executing the mission dials successful call " headquarters " , make the task gained satisfactory success, also make SamSung this in those days little known Korea brand gradually rise in domestic fashionable.
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