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Raise pig knowledge lecture this to come here end
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Touch your Na Gong's tender little face first please, feel your little stomach again! Be good! Raise pig knowledge lecture this to come here end, will see tomorrow!

You grow really not quite artful, nose is like sophisticate; The eye is like chili; Brow is like two knives; Walk along a road to come waver; Be like crab faint.

Star moon sky is hanged, goddess in the moon approachs a month care, cowboy Girl Weaver talks about lovers' prattle, lunar old soubrette is mythological, a fool does not talk, eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one's eyes sees a phone.

Humour makes hand machine short message

Smoke countless, drink spit continuously. Drive strike a tree, dance pool slow pace. Think your cruel, see a beauty actually, you also go not to move a step.

You are the sun in my heart, rained regrettablly; You are the moon in my heart, regrettablly day north; The long E that you are the sky falls to the world, regrettablly face first touchdown.
You will live the gift …… evermore that because …… is I beg God …… to send you then,the …… on the head that …… smashs in you does not want alarmed …… please the life …… with carefree …… because …… you are foolish dropped
By will begin tomorrow, municipal government decides cleared and all appearance is deformed, have the mental retardation young person of caustic the appearance of a city! You are fast clear away a thing, go out to avoid take shelter from the wind first, I inform you of do not say with the person, be sure to keep in mind! Need not thank!
When me the heart below firm twists a head to leave that momently, the anguish that you cry helplessly after one's death in me and rips a heart to crack lung lets me understand I am how the ground loves you instantly, I suddenly face about is crying to hold firmly you cry: I do not sell this hog!
The zoo came a gorilla, strange ugly clinking, tourist person sees the person is spat. One day I went, I was spat; One day, you went, orangutan was spat.
Want to treat the lake with you, do not hold Mo Ce's future however; Want to mountaineer with you, what be full of pair of ideal however is spellbound; Want to roam about with you, cannot arrive however happy heaven; Want to shop with you, come up against a police to say however: Must not take a dog.
I am defended all the time beside you, also worry for you again and again, is what you eat today full? Is those who sleep good? Is the late night cold? My all along knows you won't take care of yourself namely, every time I go away, you can jump from sty.
Actually you grow very to have originality, living the courage that is you, ugly be not the original idea that is you, it is god sent little disposition only. You want brave ground subsist, if did not have you, who can foil the beauty that gives the world.
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