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Xiong Yang! Did not look!
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There are you in life, the day fills infinite lease of life; Have you all the way, still be afraid of what fulminate be struck by lightning; Because have you, joy and contented hour are permeated with; If do not have you, who should so good pig feed feed?

I am determined to become 3 major issues: 1 repair elevator to Mount Everest 2 stick ceramic tile to the Great Wall 3 install reverse gear to the plane; 3 bagatelle: 1 wear a glove to fly 2 to mosquito Dai Kou is overspread 3 feed the feed that nod a pig to you

You fall, I run ——— steps on bipod!

The day rained, it is the cloud cried; Lose you, it is love was defeated; Wind tired, want to slept, the setting sun is drunk, want straining, I what sing, very tired out, the pig that watchs news, also should feed!

Write down do not write down so that you asked that day: How does the English of the pig go all out? I say is PUG, and you say however is: PIG. I say the pig is U, you say the pig is I however, that does not have method, be forced to follow you!

It is come across, the big eye of your that bright contains condition the ground is looking, I I think escape alarmedly your line of sight, you are chased after closely however do not abandon, I know your tune, the edge runs to cry by the side of me then: It the dog that whose home is does not have fasten is good that the dog that whose home is does not have fasten?
Very yearn for that paragraph of day, you are before me front the takes in country path of be affectedly bashful, low head, villagers saw us boast you: ? beautiful clean! Also boast I: ? of ⒆ of Qin Mei dusk is so small grade comes out to put a pig!
This is the story of a waste of land old sky, in a long time ago a boy lost his beloved girl, he has gone through an innumerable trials and hardships to come to the girl before, the girl says affectionately to him: “…… boils! ”
Psychology checks: If you are mixed black bear race, you hope: 1. You run quickly than black bear; 2. Run euqally quickly; 3. You run slow than black bear …… answer: 1. You return birds and beasts than birds and beasts; 2. You are birds and beasts; 3. Your birds and beasts is inferior to.
Imperial edict arrives: Act according to day acceptance of consignment, imperial call together says: Because you affect the appearance of a city badly, punish you 3 days to forbid shit, shit forbids to take paper, take paper not to pass 3 rule, die till hold back till! Admire this, get paper!
Almsgiver: Hello! We are board of the buddhism side Tibet, when you receive this short message we already deducted 50 yuan of contributory moneys from inside your mobile phone cost, to acknowledge you, this board awards your sovereign law order —— wisdom barrier.
Warning: Hello! Because your mobile phone appearance is ugly, modal outdated, affect this city the appearance of a city badly already, we decide transmit destroys this machine.
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