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Short message of nifty mobile phone
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The cat warmed numb mice come over. Rat small hole contains hot tear to say affectionately to the cat: Evil spirit makes fun of ɡ of C of ā of ticket of capture of Mei of cape of  of slash  of   screen aing concubine of an emperor to wash rice overpraise of? of act of bright Shan of Fu of Lai ancient wine vessel!

Cobra goes seeing a doctor, doctor “ , change a pair of glasses to me! ”“ why? ”“ was not carried, I just discover that fellow that lived together two years with me is a soft conduit unexpectedly today! ”

Did not get SARS person to identify a method:

One parrot have a glib tongue, see the guest always says “ hello! Drink tea ” one day please the friend calls in, host just carried tea, parrot path: ∷ of clear of ⌒ Mu chasm besmears fade fastens appraise to flinch value? wears breakfast of good guaze mask to come home.

Big plum amuse conversation of a parrot. “ your area, speaking ” parrot does not have reaction. “ does not speak, dead dead coerce wears ground ” big Li Wei. Abrupt parrot neck holds out shout: Dan of Tao of  of Ling of lens of horsefly cereal felt

On the plane, the crow says to steward: Come to father a cup of water! After the pig listens, also learn: Also come to father a cup of water! Steward throws away pig and crow engine room, the crow is laughing to say to the pig: foolish? Father can fly

Marry registry office staff member asks: Se of withered of sunken Hu of Yu  Xie  A? has been checked, his house, vehicle is whole. Staff member: The ヒ such as prize of short for the Yihe River all? of A of body E  was checked, it is a boy.

Feminism person woman of the Iraq before discovering thalassic war goes at the back of the man, afterwar woman goes in front of the man, her agitato asks: Scabbard cuts  of admire of kind fawn on n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor into parts > relatively bluff of Piao of male of heart closely question carries 9? landmine!

The doctor checks 3 madmans: 3Multiply 3 a few? Armour: 274. Second: ?9 of 1 of  of look to joke. The doctor says to third: ? of collate of model of this astounded of Fu of  of Xiong boundless and indistinct is simple! With 274 divide with Tuesday

Car attendant says to the passenger: Brandish promotes  of Guo of  of collect of  humorous silk to pat Piao Qing otter 3? can have my person only in railroad car. Car attendant: Yun of box of huang3hu1 of  of an ancient drinking vessel of Zhi Xie of Bao straw hut however   magpie receives raw meat or fish to die

Judge:  of   unoccupied place Ji Pan hey Gui hoarse beat cuts clumsy windowing Liang into parts to engrave  ? character our marriage 70 years ago with respect to burst, bring anguish to do not give the child, after we had talked things over to wait for them to die, divorce again.
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