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Wear gules briefs every morning go up in the head
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You already monitored in us limits, not left look right look! You have a mobile phone ground only now, go before next, cannot turn round!

I helped you calculate a life, if you are illuminating me, should be done only, you can send brushstroke ill-gotten wealth: Wear gules briefs every morning go up in the head, cry 3 times greatly: Mammon arrives! Remember ah ……

Receive this information you are Egypt mummy, cutout this information is African bedbug, answering information is Rwanda boar, be not being answered is operation unsuccessful Thai bewitching!

In busy life, very easy fritter away one the individual's enthusiasm, do not have interest to anything, also should stop offal pace now and then so, serious ground thinks whether …… should go uric make water

Your happiness, I will build; Your muddleheaded, I will make up for; Your covet, I will satisfy; Your capricious, I will yield; Cherish you, nonego not is belonged to, who lets me is the specialist that raise a pig.
Think you, it is the thing that I should do everyday, see you, it is the thing that I long for day and night, love you, it is me this all one's life the thing of extravagant hopes, wait for you, it is the thing that I am doing all the time. Cheat you, it is the job that just produces.
Yesterday evening considers friend countless, want to go presumably only you most cruel, you are searched in the dream a thousand times, indifferently turn one's head you are by fasten in family ass canopy, cruelty is brutal.
Buddha says: Brush a shoulder when answer eye 500 times of preexistence to change this life and pass, I change this life and your encountering with 10000 eye of preexistence, to ask you: Why to grab bone with the dog of my home.
“nHZ! HS OM” knows you are not guessed piece, look not to understand, you look again carefully, still look not to come out? Do you know phoneticize? You are stupid also must have a limit, handle opportunity comes over to look.
Boar and sow marry first a day night, boar discovers the sow is not place pig, angrily rebuke arrives: Who works? The sow is low head is red face feels embarrassed say: It is this fellow that reads a short message. . . .
Understand a person to want to observe from a lot of angle, resemble you, from below look resemble neuropathic, look from flank resemble an a stupid person, look from 30 degrees of horn resemble an idiocy, look from 60 degrees of horn resemble a pig head, look, I understand you more.
I can think of the most romantic thing, namely you play the part of sweethearts to rob, rob in us in the success carries paragraph abscond, you are arrested unfortunately, absolutely refuse to to enrol rather, be chained and thrown into prison, leave my loneliness to feel dejected, spend money like water spends the remainder of one's life.
If a water represents a blessing, I send you a Nanhai, if a star represents a happiness, I send you a the Milky Way, if one spoon honey longs for me to send you a hornet's nest on behalf of, I am not believed sting not dead you.
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