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I thought you not carefully
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God sends me a treasure basin. I thought you not carefully, it changes give you, I do not stop to want, it does not stop to change. Final houseful is you, my anxious: This was encircled into the ass.

Miss you a bit, want to make an appointment with you to come out to meet very much see you, but I not dare the very random …… with my true heart sees …… every time if the deer bumps,we always are hearts, because the person of bughouse tells me, you also take even dog excrement actually now eat

In each night after knowing you, difficult Mian of flounder of my night night, think in the heart, those who read aloud is you! I what your laugh, your appearance goes out to be frightened in the —— in my heart now momently sleep to be not worn become aware!

I listen to Xiaodong to say your centrally bughouse does research to work. Do I ask him what research you do? He says you are studied over.

Grow really quite beautiful, mice eye, pig arch mouth, speak of a word to come spout water, send flood just like the toilet!

The fart of Your Exllency, shake heaven and earth, so tall edifice collapse becomes level ground, what so thick steel tube dies is so fine, it is the very smelly fart of go down in history as a symbol of infamy really!

Just was asleep that day, get a short message: Sleep appearance is incorrect, sleep again.
There is meteor shower tonight, hearing is big pig, the meeting when arriving has a big pig to had flown from the sky, regrettablly I should sleep, you are good, so much person looks at you to fly!
This is a very old fokelore: In midnight 12 o'clock sharp, take a telephone call, press 12 0, you can hear. . . . . . . . . . . . . You. Dial. . Report. Word. Yes. Empty. Date. . .

Inherent I just need useful, it is affection is done alone only do not understand! Appear in one's dream and make a request of emperor of some day of king comes, after getting up at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning, eat cake to be able to understand (try read every the 3rd word to be able to have a surprise) .
Congratulation you became medium large award, please tonight 10 o'clock sharp, taking sabre, shotgun, earth to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan Chinese people bank cheats a face to get.
Dear, do you know? You are latter and angular a lot of! I am to look in the eye, ache be in the heart, was about to spend the New Year soon, your body lets a person worry about …… however does not think the pig that lets whose kills a few jins more!
Know? I am dark all the time love you, think your face, your lip, your tongue, your ear, but I do not have courage to profession thoroughly too, I am rich now, I can say “ boss aloud, cut that pig head the half gives me ” .
Hear you are kidnapped and sell, true ground psychs out me, you although as a child gawkish, harmless to the society however, whose person is so bold, have the impertinence to do sth takes you to sell, I worry for him really, sell so that drop ability to blame!
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