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When my first time very nervous
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When my first time very nervous, he wants me to be loosened softly all the time, insert my body then, bleeding over there, I am so painful that I do not cry to give a word to come, this ability understands …… donates blood is such!

You are looking at your jade hand to adorning golden colour, can inner feeling use a language to describe how? The little face of charming be ashamed is floating light blush, recall the job that just produces, say in the heart: Why is brushing the buttock always handle paper break?

Of that summer afternoon, I take you to walk into the green curtain of tall crops. The sun is being illuminated high, gentle breeze hold up removes my garment unlined upper garment, we spent happiness together afternoon: You lower your head to browse, I read Lilliputian book!

Night, already very deep, I awake from inside sleep, because I remembered you, why you always are in late night when leave me sadly and go, I need you very much really, cough, where does the pillow drop again?

The family is scooped up, you are not scooped up, wife says you are blockhead; The family is betted, you are not betted, say your a stupid person rear; Family * , you not * , groups big make your rhyme together.
Maitreya Buddha says: “ mouth laughs, laugh at Gu Xiao today, everything laughs away; Big abdomen can be allowed, look day holds the ground, at oneself why be notted allow. ” big abdomen can be allowed, hold the job that the world holds hard, why don't we get gut big?
The station was that day on the balcony what you enjoy drizzle is hazy the life that thinks of twist your face became wet a kind of acerbity suffering is salty acerbity flavour is rainwater or tear you look up look up at a sky the mop of whose home.
The people of the whole country you are the most arrogant, riding the moon on bench; The world belongs to you to be able to be blown most, drink with the crock need not cup; Thoughout the history you most can, go out shop frighten a the dead; You say these do not calculate what, nobel prize you are taken!
There are you in life, the day fills infinite lease of life; Have you all the way, still be afraid of what fulminate be struck by lightning; Because have you, joy and contented hour are permeated with; If do not have you, who should so good pig feed feed?
Attention: Stand before the mirror, handle gently holds chin in the palm, different key point is blinked 3 times repeatedly, right eye is blinked 3 times repeatedly, next the face takes what riant eye keeps to blink ah blink, you are met faint see goofy be opposite specular leer!
In moviedom silent and cultivated old, among them miserable yourself is the only clearest. Nevertheless, your effort also gets the self-identity of people eventually, won the nomination of award of current gold bird: Optimal animal stars
In this month round night, goddess in the moon says to me: She prepares to want to go down to look for you, do hairdressing to you, let you restore original beauty! Are you ready? Pig, do not read a short message, ask you the word!
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