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We part company, although because your existence is not alone,how many alone night is, let me miss deeply, hurt me however too deep, I understand ———— smoking is harmful and healthy eventually now

It is true gold, do not be afraid of forever fierce fierce blaze; It is pine, do not be afraid of boundless severe cold forever; It is salangane, do not be afraid of the lightning of lacerate sky forever; It is fool, still staring at a short message foolish look foolishly

Vernal flower left, it is your smile; The sun fire of summer, it is your enthusiasm; Autumnal fructification is ripe, it is your harvest; Hey! The doggie is ursine, such winter sleep that you can set your mind at!

In this month round night, goddess in the moon says to me: She prepares to want to go down to look for you, do hairdressing to you, let you restore original beauty! Are you ready? Pig, do not read a short message, ask you the word!

Spoiling things by excessive enthusiasm is fantastic, deceive oneself is act recklessly. It is clever that careless boat borrows an arrow calculate, burn one's boats is decisive battle. Wind,flowers,snow and moon is romantic, lay down one's life for a just cause is consecratory. If you continue to look downward, you are an old fool!
How to reply a thing? ! The mobile phone diabolo that a moment ago hit you transmits later: “ Is am sorry, the user that you dial is in streaking, dial again later please. ” dare not believe to be dialed again really. Transmit again: “ Is am sorry, the user that you dial already rush out of serves an area, dial again later please. ”
I tell you the 7 give up after the meal: One give up smokes, 2 give up eat a fruit immediately, 3 give up loosen belt, 4 give up drink tea instantly, 100 paces take 5 drop, 6 give up bathe instantly, 7 give up sleep instantly! 8 give up: Did you remember?
A mosquito bites to go up in left arm drink like a fish, you were bitten to wake, in you the right hand since brandish should make the one split second of mosquito, mosquito says to you: "There can be your blood in my body! "There can be your blood in my body!!
You are opening the long racing bike that enter canopy, but speed has 25-30KM/H only, suddenly one policeman skips come out to bar the car that parks you; Your astounded: My violate the rules and regulations? Policeman: You this honour look leaves please quickly!
Magpie comes, mom says this is happy bird is a guest; Swallow comes, mom says this is beneficial bird is a guest; The crow comes, does the child ask you also are a guest? The crow cries: Yes, I is a hacker!

Still remember that year issueing military training in the tree? The coach says to classmates: “ numbers off the first row! You look at ” surprisingly coach, the coach said aloud again one: “ numbers off! ” then, face about of your loathing ground went holding a tree in arms!
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