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Do laugh at classical ana
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My sweetheart calls me a third party!

The person does not play girl drifting crooked!

I am not an informal person, I rise casually is not a person…

If you cannot give your woman to put on,marry the garment, must not stop so the hand that her garment buckles your unlock!

Would rather sacrifice Chinese the last place male, leave Japanese any anything but maiden!

Take the route of bovine B, let foolish B goes saying!

I am brother slotting tool of two costal region, insert brother for the woman two knives.

The bosom just resembles be pregnant, time became long ability lets a person see.

Want to pollute a place to have two kinds of methods: With Kaji, perhaps use money!

Water can carry a boat, can boil congee!

Child in plain go up: It is much better that “ has a boat! ”

Charming woman is not had since ancient times on the net, incomplete spends group defeating willow to go, have bird of a few pairs of an affectionate couple occasionally, also be wolf of grouse match colors.

Occasionally, we will be very obliged to the petty favours of others, right however family member all one's life loving-kindness turn a blind eye to.

Tell strong person only, hard to avoid can be broken off; Have soft person only, in the end is craven eventually. Classical ana

Do not see me not beautiful, I take you to become a bandit all the same, do not see me not fat, I take you to be become all the same wooden club.

I do not care about you to have money, I care about you to have an outlook only.

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