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Classical do laugh at ana short message
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Those who ride Bai Ma is not certain it is princely, the likelihood is the Tang Dynasty monk; Those who have wing is not certain it is angel, also may be bird person!

College graduate just understands, not be the university on me so, however the ” on university “ me!

Several money are counted in one's hand jerky, sleep sleep to nature to wake!

Wealthy person becomes spouses eventually.

The bird became big what grove has!

V hoe ” of day of standing grain “ is become midday, curved bend “ shoots ” big carve.

“ Czechoslovakia ” ! I call JACK, my wife always blames me so. (JACKSLOWFAUK)

It is only when dragon of great platoon leader, ability realizes he is the ” sending a person of “ dragon truly.

When beauty constipation, do not have with the ordinary person 2, the word although caustic dot, the aspirations that also is a family after all.

Again perfect figure, in the eye of the person that does not love her, also be the spice of Kan of a kind of demodulation.

How to keep a figure? Eat and drink too much.

The beauty of knowledge, depend on making person water of a mist; The beauty of poetry, depend on incendiary men and women off the rails; Feminine beauty, depend on clumsy be being complained so that not have without regret; The man's beauty, depend on saying to get spirit of white with each passing day.

Your look you! See a back urgent evil spirit 1000 army 10 thousand horses; Had turned the head is frightened retreat 1 million powerful army. Classical ana

The tooth of vitriolic knock off that eyeball of stamp blind eye unplugs smooth hair spills one face cuts off the tongue becomes adult rod, include MM to be excised together.

If the a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender is a kind of goodness, I am then early become a wise man.

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