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Do not say English before me later
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Do not say English before me later, OK?

I am an actor, at sight of is beautiful MM small hole is round …

Be delivered of comer to not was afraid of death, those who be afraid of death TM was not born, everybody fastens the outfit horizontal stroke of TM so!

Actual society, destroyed my opportunity that does good person!

Although renown flower has advocate, I will loosen loosen the soil!

Have money man, the man that do not have money is bad!

I if girl, early fall in love with me …

I think I am decadent, so I discarded as useless!

I resemble the fly that bends over to go up in glass only, future a light, and I cannot find an outlet however.

Muddy person is abjection all corners of the country goes, cent of thing north and south is not clear. Bump into corner muddy not to become aware, lie on the ground to count star!

Hear the woman is like the dress, brother is like brothers. After-thought removes 來 , I actually 7 hands the streaking of 8 腳 19 years!

The brothers of the dormitory decides to implement the following penalty to abandoning friend: Let its be being held in the arms stick telegraph pole of advertising of full old traditional Chinese medical science, tear of full of heat is full of affectionate loud loud cry: My disease eventually can be saved ah!

Ask worldly feeling why content? The sage answers: “ trash! ”

I cannot give you happiness, but can give you comfortable!

The thought has many far, you boil to me much further!

The rogue does not fear, be afraid that the rogue is literate …

Guest official is asked self-prossessed, young woman sell oneself or a member of one's family not make a living as a performer. Do laugh at a short message

You cannot make everybody satisfactory, because not all person is a person!

You give me a love, I return your one-night standing!

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