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The person is to force those who come out
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Master too! You from old patchwork vestment worn by a Buddhist monk!

I love you! Your what issue to involve?

Yours is me, mine still is me! (PS: Is this word small mud those who say? )

Be pretty good! The person is to force those who come out.

Time resembles a cleavage, should be being squeezed only still always is some!

Make love the thing that do, copulatory the person that meet!

The man's crammer can cheat a wife overnight, feminine crammer can cheat man lifetime!

Paddle of an affectionate couple, his Mom drowns; Fly wing to wing, his Mom falls dead.

Acceptance often says to be done very hard however euqally just like “caoNI Mom ” get!

Those who insert family hole is plug, having what the hole is inserted by the family is socket!

Come down from my body when the university, carrying trousers to say: You can go, but youth must stay, at the moment just suddenly be enlightened is not the university on me however on the university I!

Its article 500 years immortal, its person is millenarian immortal, millenarian later, doomsday, what decayed.

Someone says to my challenge: You put a horse. I not reply, it is disease relax only and go, prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan after wheeler like that Ko he.

Alleged and grown, it is you know that is what thing, alleged and mature, after you know, say not to know intentionally namely.

The job should accomplish “ to be urged by the meal ” , is not the meal such as “ has ” . Such ability are passing.

Know to see person backside, be wisdom person with the aesthete, know to see a person rear, it is a person who achieves high position by unscrupulous scheming.

Recreant dissembler what say ash in vain; Audacious dissembler what say ash blackly, confuse right and wrong is the most successful is not confuse right and wrong, did not have however black and white.

Needle of Tie Chuneng wear, but wooden beetle can wear toothpick, data is incorrect, try hard again trashy also.

The terrible point of woodenhead is absent its are stupid, and removing think oneself clever. Do laugh at a short message

Forget after pee pull slide fastener, you are middleaged person; Forget after pee pull down slide fastener, you are old people.

Bathing is buttock enjoy a happy life, the head bears hardships; Seeing a movie is head enjoy a happy life, the buttock bears hardships, listening to you to speak is head, buttock bears hardships.

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