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SMS in China over twenty billion in 2004 revenue opportunities for large ring
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According to CCTV reported that the Ministry of Information Industry, the latest statistics show that last year the National Mobile Phone SMS volume reached 2177 points 600,000,000, up 58.8% over last year. To a dime each calculation, the income of over 21.7 billion yuan. In addition to SMS, the Chinese mobile value-added new services, new applications emerging, MMS as SMS upgrades to audio and video, pictures and text messages in the form of make up the monotony; mobile Internet service allows users at any time, with the Access to the Internet; new software to provide games, entertainment, business and life, and so multiple applications. With the third generation mobile communications during the arrival of mobile value-added voice services outside the service will be more and more mobile phone users. Statistics show that by 2004, the national number of telephone users reached 600 million 4 million, of which mobile phone users has exceeded 50%. In addition to hot text messages, ring tones new business year has also brought huge business opportunities. Following China Mobile, China Unicom launched CRBT users, recently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places of PHS users This business was beginning to enjoy. SMS ring tones has become the second largest after the value-added telecom services. This is a lot of people are familiar with the ring tones, less than six months after the upload time has been downloaded 80,000 times, the equivalent of more than 20 every hour to download this Cailing. CRBT first moved from China Activity in the May 2003 launch, in just a year and a half years, the total number to over 20 million users, the market scale will reach nearly 10 billion yuan. A funny joke, a beautiful music, or a natural sound, "Personalized" ring tones greatly with young people. A survey shows that: At present, more than 90% CRBT users 16 to 30 years age groups.