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Heat of much plan of new machine of 15 beautiful screen of exquisite and chic Ja
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Au is Japan the brand of KDDI of business of the 2nd big mobile operation, include Xia Pu, pine to fall, the brand of numerous and famous mobile phone such as Western Europe of all alone love, 3 ocean, card offers a mobile telephone for Au. On May 22, au By KDDI released 15 newest mobile phones, these new fund mobile phones in case water, high quality take a picture, and digital TV is main function, be this summer Au advocate make model.

Heat of much plan of new machine of 15 beautiful screen of exquisite and chic Japan is admired

The graph is: New machine of felt?5 money

Long-term since, the development speed of Japanese mobile phone all the time all over the world foremost face, market of Japanese mobile phone in its the control of business of 4 big operation falls, market development has certain law. Be in Japan, almost all tasting a mobile phone newly is by operation business is released appear on the market, and manufacturer of each old mobile phone (the Xia Pu that is familiar with like us, pine is coarse) offer custom-built opportunity to operation business respectively, the market that has operation business more needs and undertake filtration, so every time the function that operation business releases novice machine and configuration, can represent current most heat. Of course, popular trend of Japan can not represent a whole world completely, appear in this after all in enclosed market, the technology had reached the height that comparative, this we must admit.

The mobile phone of of all kinds of Au brand designs choiceness with modelling chic and celebrated, can say, the mobile phone modelling of Au represented the top level that Japanese mobile phone designs. And the main competitor that regards Japan as DoCoMo of business of the first operation, every new machine of Au By KDDI gets attention times more naturally, what nevertheless we pay close attention to is not these, however pure these look at new novice machine.

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