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W999 of slip lid of 4GB of love of QWERTY clavier all alone once more exposure
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In the mobile phone of secret of all alone Angus in numerous exposure, the W999i of mobile phone of Walkman slip lid that does not know whether you still can be written down so that one has QWERTY clavier. Although before the XML file that has this opportunity divulges the picture exposure that also calls somewhat, but people feels too bizarre probably, so this machine was not in the impression that everybody leaves special profundity in memory. Nevertheless, the word that loves P3i of UIQ new machine and K850 of 5 million mobile phone resembling element in angle all alone in all people when, the mobile phone of new generation Walkman that this hearsay is having 4GB memory appears suddenly however on the official site of GSM association, then, look in a lot of people the authenticity of this meeting is adumbrative this plane status will not have commonplace doubt.

W999 of slip lid of 4GB of love of QWERTY clavier all alone once more exposure

We know, the global trade association that GSM association is the business of operation of many 700 mobile telephone that represents 215 states. This association devotes oneself to the research of GSM technology and development, the 3GSM world plenary meeting that and be in holds every year during the Valentine's Day is the industry distinguished gathering of domain of current mobile phone more, the mobile phone that rolls out during often can represent the development tide of current mobile phone. And W999 of love of this all alone is in suddenly the occurrence of website of GSM society government, the first sense that gives a person is this machine will be mobile phone of Walkman of another when all alone loves to be about to roll out new fund.

W999 of slip lid of 4GB of love of QWERTY clavier all alone once more exposure

The graph is: W999 of Da?GB slip lid

Nevertheless, although be on the Gsmworld website of GSM association,show a body mysteriously. But love mobile phone limits besides the demand that its classify supports HSDP network inside besides, the function that concerns this mobile phone did not divulge more information. And in light of the information according to past exposure, this mobile phone has two different version. Among them, in light of the information that the basis divulges in XML file, w999 of all alone love will have a 176 × screen of 220 lubricious like the 26 萬 of element TFT, supportive 3G network and compatible the frequency of a variety of formats and video file are broadcasted, and inside buy 2 million resemble element photograph like the head. Because this basically comes from hardware,say, basically be in same level with the mobile phone such as W800 besides 3G network. Nevertheless, the content in file of XML of all alone love is common meeting and release some deviation actually, also was born at the same time in the picture of exposure W999 so another version. That is this machine will use UIQ platform, and be in design try to gain respective elite of M608 of all alone love and W958, the QWERTY clavier that has M608 offers convenient literal input, and the 4GB memory of W858 of have the aid of can store more song are mixed offer more outstanding music to broadcast a function. In addition, love the model of the new character of UIQ mobile phone and this machine as all alone, w999 should provide 3.2 million level resembling element photograph resemble a head and supportive WiFi is wireless get online, blue tooth technology and outstanding business affairs function.
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