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J502 of 3 million smartphone of PPC of Hua Shuo resembling element comes on stag
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Beijing time on May 23, 2007, the company of ASUS China large that comes from province of our country Taiwan rolled out a model formally to be the mobile phone of J502. This product introduced fashionable slip lid model, and in hardware configuration and word engine function these two respects have one respectively sell a site greatly. Deployed in Yu Huashuo J502 firstly 3 million those who resemble element is automatic right anxious photograph a head, the 2nd it is this machine it is certain to still be had " self-destruction of guard against theft " function. If the user is inadvertent,lose the mobile phone or by thief patronage, in good telephone number is being set before it can send a short message to arrive. Once the power source of the mobile phone is shut below this kind of circumstance, can be locked up to decide when open again so, cleared perhaps the data inside all airframe comes come on the stage condition, it may be said is security made acme. Other respect, hua Shuo J502 still deployed to be able to inspect an area screen of TFT of resolution of 2.4 inches of 65536 kinds of QVGA, v2.0 of supportive blue tooth is transmitted, card of memory of tripartite Micro SD is patulous etc.

J502 of 3 million smartphone of PPC of Hua Shuo resembling element comes on stage

The J502 of smartphone of new fund PPC that the China large company that the graph saves to come from our country Taiwan just rolls out

Brand type: Hua Shuo J502;
Network environment: 3 frequency of GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900MHz;
GPRS level: Class 12;
Screen parameter: Can inspect an area 65536 kinds of 2.4 inches QVGA (240 × 320) resolution TFT material is qualitative;
Transmission means: Blue tooth V2.0, supportive HDP, FTP, DUN, GAP, HSP, HFP, OPP, BPP, A2DP and AVRCP technology;
Memory capacity: 24MB;
Medium of tripartite memory: Micro SD (T-Flash) card;
Photograph head parameter: 3 million be opposite automatically like element anxious, deploy flashlight;
Frequency format: MP3, AAC, AAC;
Webpage browser: WAP 1.2.1, 2;
JAVA is patulous: MIDP2.0 environment, support JSR-184, JSR-185 and MascotCapsule V3 API;
Batteries capacity: 750mAh;
Communicate continuously time: 210 minutes;
Airframe 3 surround: 52.8 × of 103.5 × 14.7 millimeter;
Airframe weight: 120 grams;
Airframe color: Black, red.

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