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Of 5 million individual character resembling element choose LG KG928 to take a p

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Familiar take a picture the friend of the mobile phone will be new to this K928 scarcely of LG, be in 05 to 6 years, but this takes a picture in the high end of the be the rage on home market mobile phone, its killer mace is to be as high as 5 million to be photographed like the major of element resemble a head, at that time 2 million take a picture like element mobile phone not the imposing manner below all-pervading circumstance is threatening. Look nowadays nevertheless KG928 also compares tower above of general mobile phone only a bit just, appear on the market plus KG928 have for a long time, its price is unavoidable glide considerably. After afterwards drops into 3K price before May, KG928 travel goods achieves a record again now, what newspaper of with one action gives 2899 yuan is new low!

LG KG928

Appearance respect, KG928 goes up soon perhaps is only thick straight board mobile phone, but look from the reverse side actually, it however more resembling is camera of a number, LG added the design element of a lot of similar DC for it. And KG928 still was used similar of 3250 " twist a waist " design, below airframe half are included it is OK like the head to photograph 180 degrees rotate, take a picture more convenient.

LG KG928

The function configures a respect, LG KG928 used 260 thousand kinds TFT screen, achieved 320 × the resolution of class of 240 QVGA resembling element, the ring of 72 chord, also support MP3 file to regard a mobile phone as ring. In respect of other detail function, KG928 offerred calendar, book the job, memorandum, time, alarm clock, dictionary, calculator, unit conversion, between universal time, stopwatch, timer, infrared ray corresponds the practical function that wait. Airframe memory is 42M about, still have among them about the reservation memory of 1M, in order to sets electric text of a story, calendar, the content such as draft box, supportive Mini SD gets stuck and will have memory expansion, have blue tooth and infra-red communication function.

LG KG928

The 500W that KG928 is the most conspicuous nevertheless still is its backside is photographed like element like the head, this is photographed only use CCD optical inductor like the head, support is opposite automatically anxious, film resolution 2592 × most 1944 resemble element considerably photograph, have scorch of 4 times number, Bai Pingheng, brightness self-adjusting, 6 pieces are patted repeatedly wait for detail set. In addition, KG928 still supports 320 × the 240 video transcribe like element and Quan Bing are broadcasted, performance is quite overall.

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