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Fact name makes the mobile phone start China to register Id into the net all rig
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On July 29, 2008 06:43

Fact name makes the mobile phone be started sadly. A few days ago, beijing shift started China travel real name formally to make a plan, the user when 250 have postal service hall to deal with China to join a network all right oneself needs to offer this person portion to prove, and one person under one's name handles 3 number at most. The personage expresses related Beijing shift, china travel real name makes a preexistence oneself postal service hall is carried out, sequel will carry out other channel stage by stage.

Nevertheless, still confirming this to carry out real name to make without channel at present is the centralized operation of Chinese mobile group. Yesterday, guangdong shift expresses to the reporter, the relevant announcement that did not receive a group to be made about carrying out China travel real name temporarily, of Guangdong move card of travel of feeling region, China to will continue not nominative sale.

The personage inside course of study thinks, mobile phone real name is made short message, noisy to rubbish of keep within limits phone, distort the incoming telegram shows etc illegal bilk and annoy behavior to have positive effect. But if mobile phone real name is made,just carry out in some area, the effect that has will be little much.

Beijing or for pilot unit

Be in early this year January, why does Beijing mobile general manager disclose to media rather, include China travel old user inside Beijing mobile user will execute real name to make inside this year. And it is at the beginning of May, beijing shift announces, beijing area moves feeling region new user to will not contain home to roam function, if want to open home to roam, must head for mobile postal service hall to undertake real name is made register square but become effective, this also coverts proclaimed move what real name of feeling region user makes to carry out.

Recently, a lot of shift that are in Beijing have postal service hall oneself inside, beijing shift is stuck gave relevant announcement, say to rise from July 25, 2008, move in Beijing advocate the client when postal service hall deals with China to join a network all right must offer identity document, register relevant data. Beijing is mobile and special point out, same and effective Id can deal with 3 China firm to pile up only at most (do not include China international of card of travel Olympic Games, Olympic Games blocks) . Additional, do sth for sb the beard when China enters network business all right holds oneself and procuratorial Id and trust deed. As we have learned, at present this measure has oneself in shift only carry out inside postal service hall, when to enlarge social channel of short duration to have no schedule. In the meantime, this measure still is aimed at only enter net user newly.

The personage inside course of study figures accordingly, do not exclude Chinese mobile group the likelihood that in Beijing pilot fact the name makes, later period or will carry out in the whole nation. Current, china travel user is mobile the group with the largest cardinal number in 3 old brands, 70% what hold total user number. Also sound thinks, beijing mobile this action is to be the Olympic Games that is about to hold (Sohu associates 2008 Olympic Gameses, associate government-owned net) do communication safeguard, "After all, the Olympic Games affects national figure, the communication during wanting to be ensured as far as possible is safe, real name is made is a method. Real name is made is a method..
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