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Howl of 888888888 mobile phones sells Wen Zhou 2.98 million yuan
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Dispatch of lukewarm state network can buy a big house 2.98 million yuan in Wen Zhou or a luxurious car, but store of a mobile phone is brought in luck in, it can buy number of a mobile phone only, of course this is not an average mobile phone number, join number however 9 mobile phone beautiful date of 8. The reporter understands in interview, wen Zhou has a flock of " date bug " frying sell a mobile phone mark.

   Mobile phone beautiful date marks a price 2.98 million yuan

Sell " day price " the mobile phone inn of mobile phone date is located in luck to bring city Long Shan district 20, the area of inn makes an appointment with 40 square metre. Although inn is small, but the mobile phone mark that this inn sells makes a person however acclaim as the peak of perfection: Even date 888888888, 12345678, 6666666 wait for a mobile phone " beautiful date " everything needed is ready.

Insider Shenyang gentleman says, this inn collected beautiful bugle call of hundreds mobile phone, the price does not poor. Inn boss still rented a freight car designedly, these mobile phone number are made in automobile body, full ave is publicized.

Face a reporter to interview, inn boss Mr Zhu is not evasive. He takes out to choose date book to say, hit the number of the hook to had made work. This only of 6 pages chose date book to record beautiful bugle call of 100 many mobile phones. Its price is very breathtaking, one joins number 9 Hangzhou number line out of 8 2.98 million yuan day price, it is even date 012345678, the number price of 12345678 mixes 500 thousand yuan for 900 thousand yuan respectively, the cheapest also want 1000 yuan.

   "Day price " mobile phone date

  Be friend consignment

"The number with these high prices is not Wen Zhou. " bright red boss says frankly, number is an other place, the friend entrusts him to sell. Sell after going out, he can get 200 yuan of intermediary fee of the left and right sides.

Bright red boss says, he already sold a beautiful mark of 3 mobile phones. To price, bright red boss says is commercial secret. But the reporter is chosen from what Mr Zhu offers notice on date book, price is 250 thousand yuan respectively, 180 thousand yuan of mobile phone number that join number with 3 135 thousand yuan made red check mark.

Nevertheless Mr Zhu says, the mobile phone date of 2.98 million gives off much day, the person of true make inquires has not appeared. "This price is too high really, 2.98 million yuan can do a lot of businesses in Wen Zhou. 2.98 million yuan can do a lot of businesses in Wen Zhou..

   Host of skill plane number says

  Do not know number to be marked a price to sell

After the mobile phone store that leaves Mr Zhu, the reporter dialed a few when be marked a price to sell " day price " mobile phone number, mark a price after 2.98 million yuan mobile phone date is dialed, speech clew says to turn into secretary stage, and two 900 thousand yuan number also closed the price machine.
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