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China " mountain fastness mobile phone " into fear secret worry instead
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Although know China " mountain fastness machine " practice " special misgivings " , pakistan respect does not have appropriate method to answer however

Bureau of manage of Pakistan report fuse (PTA) absolutely did not think of, their normal mobile phone ceases machine operation, caused actually
So big consequence----Homebred mobile phone dies at the same time in thousands of ministries machine.

User of numerous Pakistan mobile phone happens to coincide emerge to mobile phone distributors to ask to denounce a view. Findings shows: Fountainhead is in
Produce at China " mountain fastness mobile phone " .

It is " mountain fastness machine " the disaster that cause

According to international standard, every standard mobile telephone has identification code of device of an international shift (IMEI) , be equivalent to a mobile phone " personally
Share certificate " , the whole world is unique. Be in Pakistan, if have person mobile phone,be lost or
Person by pilfer, can land PTA website directly, offer application, chain the mobile phone of this IMEI number, prevent missing or by pilfer
The mobile phone continues to be used in mobile network.

On June 30, after PTA respect receives the user on the net to apply for, chained IMEI code is the mobile phone of 135790246811220, result
Cause unexpectedly cling to the numerous China of churchyard produces a mobile phone at the same time
Dead machine. User of a lot of mobile phones did not know to produce what job, look for mobile phone distributors to complain in succession return money.

"I call to distributors of mobile phone of each province city connection, the circumstance that in appearing almost, homebred mobile phone is locked up. " Pakistan hand
Machine is concessionary Waximu is opposite the ・ in Qiao Du of management association chairman " international precursory gazette "

Get to the bottom of sth traces to the source, the China that all these is Pakistan entrance " mountain fastness mobile phone " the disaster that cause: As a result of " mountain fastness machine " do not need to be done
The net detects, often undertake selling through forging IMEI number so, hundreds of,
On 1000 mobile phones may use an IMEI number only.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, nearly one year many, be called by figure ground " mountain fastness machine " the mobile phone of a less known and inferior brand with the machine that stick a card and multifarious name
Swarm into Pakistan market in great quantities, and because of its price cheap, function is all ready, very fast
Held position in the market, the important option of low income crowd in becoming. And Ba Hai closes inlet tube of respect adversary machine to manage
Lax also be " mountain fastness machine " a reason that can enter Pakistan smoothly.
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