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IPhone and mountain fastness machine make Nokia people disturbed
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IPhone appears on the market: Await bought crowd

The heat of industry of latter news report is not IPhone and mountain fastness machine to not be belonged to, the existence of both is told to the Zhu Jiang of traditional mobile phone such as Nokia is a nightmare apparently, see above picture, believe the boss of Nokia also won't not envy.

Before before long Taiwan general manager Cheng Zongjie is accepting Nuojiya when the reporter is interviewed, express, from the price of product strategy of the apple and IPhone 3G fixed position observes, 2% what the apple can grab markets of next integral mobile phone only at most, because this thinks all fronts of opposite Nokia fights, compete actually not big.

Although the word is such, the speed that Cheng Zongjie also admits to Nuojiya is advanced in feeling mobile phone is relatively backward, electron of malic Ji Hongda enters newest science and technology as a result of complete mechanical responsiveness, had been in the market with specific very high profit is banner, as it is said Nokia feels mobile phone XpreeMedia 5800 first times completely the earliest will 2008 second half of the year comes out.

Malic IPhone is in not just to the concussion of Nokia market of specific usury embellish, the deadliest battalion carry mode that depends on hardware service, hold to the success on IPod, the occurrence of IPhone 3G is big to the traditional news report such as Nokia the impact that the factory will come to explain battalion carry pattern will be bigger, although Nokia also is trying this one new-style service mode, still doing not have too big improvement up to now also is a fact, of IPhone high-key appear, although cannot wait for all fronts to fight to Nokia,the manufacturer forms concussion, the product market that can make profit of domain of Nokia missing mobile phone highest at least. Once new-style trade pattern gains a success in mobile phone domain, can make more Nokia people shudder.

If say malic menace still is in,did not come, mountain fastness machine is in however to the influence of Nokia instantly, the affirmation that actually mountain fastness machine affects is brand of domestic mobile phone not just, if mere and such most propbably this controversy also won't such big, the mobile phone chief that joins Motolora China division stands to criticise mountain fastness machine affected the sale of Motolora, mountain fastness machine ought to rude at least to global influence at the influence to Chinese market, strategy of true, low makes Gao Fang mountain fastness opportunity passes in the whole world without block, relatively Euramerican already perfect market, everybody knows rising market just represents the future of the mobile phone, also be the vane that decides mobile phone industry grows rate in the near future, unluckily mountain fastness machine got welcome all-timely in these markets.
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