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Associate mobile phone fixed position is massaged female
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As associate shift is broken away from associate computer first news briefing, ought to say the activity August 11 is quite successful, rolled out a paragraph unluckily " massage female awkwardness " advertisement video, let a person be surprised, if say before associate before long red the network sale that this female incident is a success, massaging female incident this is typical a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting.

Do really do not understand why to associate meeting massage female contact together with oneself mobile phone, return an advertisement of this paragraph of video wide for transmission, young canvass reads the S90 mobile phone that massages female place to use, do not support function of mobile phone TV above all, lacked TV of CMMB mobile phone, cast massage female do not talk, sheet says the story clue of video also appears far-fetched, if massage Nuuzhen,be to watching a football match after all, not be match direct seeding apparently, the download of football game is broadcasted massage female how the meeting is such exaggerated " shoot " ceaseless, because national policy is restricted, s90 mobile phone does not support WiFi function now, depend on GPRS merely, although S90 mobile phone joined actor cruel net and CCTV, pitiful bandwidth also cannot support the living broadcast of football match thing for certain, massage female reason thing husband to be inferior to be being used in in S90 new on released ET880 more applicable.

Although homebred mobile phone likes to do sth unconventional or unorthodox, active the product oneself and massage female pull together associating is a head meet with, in those days the mobile phone of TCL is defined by a lot of people " second wife machine " , TCL itself never also combines his mobile phone and second wife in conduct propaganda, massage female video advertisement to be able to be in associate mobile government website appears and by each big media is reprinted, apparent this video is to associate shift does it intentionally, in video more include too much " shoot, shoot. . . .. Guo of Da of haze of wood of  of deficient of guanidine of lazy  of  of extensive of Li of  of Mei Zheng of bursa  Wo steals stitch the sole to the upper of fan of gorge of Fu Chinese toon rising abruptly to say  of ε of Ci of road of  of Niao of angry of P of chasm of  of Chen Jin of Wu of Qiao of the grave that retreat vertebra changes Yao A Chinese-style unlined garment to do not have reason chasm P makes release

Associated to be seleted fortune first yesterday 500 strong it is an incident that is worth particularize, leaf through the 35 China company that be seleted carefully after all, associating is the first mainland business of rig of head of the word that be not a country joins in, also be reforming and opening comes to company of local born and bred the first China 30 years be seleted 500 strong, ought to say to associate the pride that joins in 500 powerful clubs are to associate, also be the pride of Chinese IT person, be seleted unluckily the following day, had broken away from associate of computer associate shift was rolled out massage female mobile phone, do not know whether Yang Yuanqing regrets to borrow the LOGO that associate really associate shift is used.
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