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The mobile phone gets online: Surf of merry and lively is not a dream
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The webpage is being browsed on the mobile phone is the thing that a your poll is fond of. Although obtained a few progress in last few years, but a lot of webpages still cannot download normally on the mobile phone show, and the multimedia content on a few websites often cannot be broadcasted on the mobile phone. Now, wireless communication industry is improving a mobile phone actively to browse the effect of the webpage hard, hope it is close to the effect that browses a webpage on personal computer as far as possible.

To stride to this direction, week of business of production of a few large mobile phones 4 announce, already with Aoduobi systematic company (Adobe Systems Inc. ) reach an agreement, the Flash multimedia latter broadcasts software to install more mobile phones to go up. Flash is supporting the video website such as YouTube of online video broadcast, and it also is used in the webpage that contains animation effect and other and high performance to be made.

Aoduobi says, in the computer that can get online about 98% contain Flash, and this one scale is only on the mobile phone 30% . Rejecting what highlight most in the company that installs Flash on its mobile phone is malic company (Apple Inc. ) , it did not offer Flash in its IPhone mobile phone. Malic CEO Qiao Busi (Steve Jobs) rejected Aoduobi to try hard what Flash joins IPhone mobile phone, he says, the show that he attends in IPhone to Flash is not quite satisfactory.

The product of mobile facilities subsidiary below the banner manages Aoduobi and tile overcomes Jia Ruike of market sale vice-president this (Gary Kovacs) says, flash format video is the most welcome video on instantly Internet; The video that can watch this kind of pattern on the mobile phone is very important really.

Dog the M:M of wireless industry trendEtrics Inc. Offerred data shows, this year in Feburary, the mobile phone user that the United States has 14% about uses a mobile phone to had gone up at least net. The wireless network with slower rate and rate of deceptive making a person are one of accounts that produce this kind of condition. And existent one of the biggest obstacles are webpage content the indication effect on the mobile phone is like person meaning very much. Although resemble the website such as Weather Channel and MTV having the website version that applies to a mobile phone technically, but most website serves without this kind.

Aoduobi and Suoniaili are believed (Sony Ericsson) , Nuojiya (Nokia Corp. ) , LG electron (LG Electronics Inc. ) and Motolora (Motorola Inc. ) signed cooperative agreement is one of effort that wireless communication industry browses webpage effect place to make to improve a mobile phone. Suoniaili is believed is to love to establish a letter (Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson) and all alone Buddhist nun (Sony Corp. ) the joint ventures that hold water.

Sprint Nextel Corp. And Germany is telegraphic (the T-Mobile USA Inc with subordinate Deutsche Telekom) . Installed Teleca AB of Norwegian Opera Software ASA, Sweden and Gu Ge beforehand in the mobile phone (Google Inc. ) the advanced webpage browser that waits for a company to offer. These browsers have a lot of functions, be good at becoming the webpage readjust that designs for computer only especially can be in the pattern that the mobile phone watchs on 2.5 inches of screen. Wireless operation business returns an Openwave Systems Inc. The technical conformity that waits for a company arrived on the mobile phone. The product of Openwave Systems can be a variety of browsers and content of webpage of mobile phone decipher.
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