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Chongqing whole world knows a formula one-way collect fees
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Report from our correspondent June the middle ten days of a month, 3 kinds when Chongqing UniCom rolls out all brands below include banner one-way collect fees plan. Rise yesterday, chongqing is mobile and one-way collect fees card also in succession face city. So far, our city mobile phone endowment cost " double " change " odd " start in the round.

Chongqing is mobile this one-way collect fees from user of its high end group -- the whole world connects a brand to begin, of other trademark one-way endowment cost will be rolled out in succession. The one-way card name that rolls out yesterday is " global unobstructed listens plan " , chongqing shift expresses, this is the whole world is connected roll out first one-way collect fees.

What expect with consumer is completely one-way and different, this plan still is formula form, this locality is received listen all free, the cost that include a month divides 88 yuan, 138 yuan, 188 yuan mix 288 yuan 4 kinds, endowment cost includes every file dial minute of number to differ to 1500 minutes from 300 minutes. Exceed formula part to dial endowment cost highest 0.25 yuan, lowest 0.15 yuan.

Chongqing shift introduces, the whole world connects old user to be able to be on base of reservation original order, perhaps undertake conduction to postal service hall through the phone. But enjoy " 0 yuan " wait for privilege of affirmatory telephone bill to buy the user of machine, if still be inside lot appoint a time, cannot handle this endowment cost.

Reporter 10 thousand lis (article origin: Chongqing evening paper)

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