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Store of malic computer flagship sells commodities from abnormal channel Iphone
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Last year in June, regard an apple as the first mobile phone that roll out, iphone affected the nerve of player of countless mobile phones. But let domestic apple confuse people disappointed is, manufacturing business fails to place the schedule that lands Chinese market tardy however, but this can not prevent vermicelli made from bean starch people the zealous degree to Iphone. Have the aid of " the net is bought " or dispute law channel, home of many afflux of Iphone of commodities from abnormal channel, become hot inside short time, become what see inaccessibly " high-quality goods " .

The day before yesterday, the reporter receives a mysterious telephone call, our newspaper also lifts billows again subsequently about the report of market research of Shenyang city commodities from abnormal channel.

Original, this reader says the Iphone that did not sell publicly in home can be bought inside malic computer brand shop. So, is incident like character of this reader place really? If belong to solid is this brand shop made work is Iphone a surname " row " still surname " water " ? According to the reader how-to, the reporter comes to this brand shop one dug unexpectedly.


Want to buy Iphone of commodities from abnormal channel to be booked first

Of wide screen, high definition inside buy films camera lens and along with " personally " can the music of listen respectfully, more important is the as different as common mobile phone effect that the function feels technical place to bring formidably, these do not have the eyeball that does not attract customer.

Before this, the our newspaper investigation about market of commodities from abnormal channel not only caused each pay close attention to just related the market, more got enter Shenyang town " two meetings " the high attention of delegate and committee member. It is before this, our newspaper first about the apple " water this " the report sees Zhu Baoduan, this also attracted the eyeball of more reader. The day before yesterday, a reader tells a reporter without preamble: "Malic computer brand shop is selling commodities from abnormal channel Iphone in on the sly now. " subsequently, according to the reader how-to, the reporter will be located in this brand shop near municipal government square. But, inside brand shop the reporter did not discover the form of Iphone. One guides the member that buy confirmed to the reporter Iphone does not have the hearsay in domestic put on sale, "When Iphone begins to be returned now in domestic put on sale is an unknown, estimation also gets the most quickly August! Estimation also gets the most quickly August!!

Right now, the reporter did not abandon at this point, continue to examine minutely however: "My friend said to buy Iphone in your home store, how do you say then? " right now, just return what hesitate somewhat to guide the topic of conversation of the member that buy turns, "Oh, so return a responsibility, but we do not have merchandise on hand. " subsequently, she tells a reporter, can book an Iphone for the reporter from Beijing, "Do not give an accident, 3 days can arrive, price is 6800 yuan, need hands in the subscription of 10% . " subsequently, the reporter asks: "That is a goods! " result the other side says: "Still be water, china has a money impossibly now. China has a money impossibly now..
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