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Noticed the incoming telegram shows number is revised deceive people
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[Editor's note] call an incoming telegram one kind to show number modifies software but incoming telegram of mobile phone download revises indication number

According to " Henan business signs up for " report: What show on the mobile phone is the friend's telephone number, do not hit with friend mobile phone however. A kind of software lets mobile phone incoming telegram show malfunction, nearly lets two Zhengzhou citizen be duped.

On December 9, small Zhang Jue is bought on the net surely secondhand autocycle, follow to sell motorcycle

Get in touch. Bilateral agreement morrow is in Zhengzhou city college in the morning road and politics the bank near access across mouth meets.

Classmate Xiaoli of Xiaozhang accompanied Xiaozhang to go to conventional ground to nod, the mobile phone of small Zhangyong's classmate made a telephone call to seller. After meeting, seller opens small Lizhi, let Xiaoli receive pieces of small phone to be gone to appoint money is collected on account.

After Xiaoli goes before long, the mobile phone rang, show the name that is Xiaozhang. After Xiaoli phone puts through, of conversation is seller unexpectedly. Seller tells Xiaoli, already clinched a deal, qian Hui arrives on appointed account. But Xiaoli says to want to hear Xiaozhang personally to explain ability to collect.

You see “ , what I use is the phone of your friend, what what does not believe do you have? His test-drive went. ” seller persuades.

When small Li Zheng plans to collect money, xiaozhang sends a short message to say to him, he has not seen seller, small Li Cai affirms this is a fraud.

It is one kind calls what the incoming telegram shows number modifies software to be in so do mischief. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter dialed the company of a software that searchs on the network to connect a telephone call, a man that surnames Qiu says, after the mobile phone downloads an incoming telegram to show number modifies software, can use, of mobile phone edition need 580 yuan of money only. Mr Qiu says, if want to install this kind of software on the mobile phone, they can give a network address, after download arrives on the mobile phone, collect money to them, affirm after getting money, they tell a client Zhang date and password.

The male staff member that another sale incoming telegram shows to number modifies software introduces, the client wants to use this kind of software very simple, want a newspaper to come over only mobile phone date, they input date of client mobile phone their platform, want to change incoming telegram be callinged to show number every time, dial their service telephone, speech hints the input considers indication telephone number, the client inputs a number casually, this number can show on mobile phone of the other side.

In newsletter industry work old personage introduces one, with software modification place dials the incoming telegram of the phone to show number, jural did not prohibit clearly, but developed this kind of software to disobey telegraphic orgnaization interior badly to run a regulation.
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