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Business of 800 thousand operation peddles to say on net of number of day price

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Netizen newspaper expects, shenzhen " 13802222220 " mobile phone date sold nearly 100 thousand yuan, and " 15888888888 " mobile phone number also appeared body network recently, pass on ask a price is as high as 800 thousand yuan! This attributive ground is the number of day price mobile phone of Zhejiang, with once marked a price 880 thousand yuan lucky date " 13888888888 " differ only. A few days ago, the reporter passes investigation discovery, as 159, 158 wait for new order paragraph enable, disappear nearly " lucky number " price of line out day is fried wantonly sell, suffer greatly in Shenzhen and other places chase after hold in both hands.

"Number of Olympic Games mobile phone " the heat on the net sells

As we have learned, appeared to number of large quantities of management mobile phone sell and make over the professional website of business on the net at present, many websites in order to manage " lucky number " , " beautiful date " give priority to. The reporter expects in netizen newspaper " Shenzhen seventeen thousand five hundred and ninety-one " see on the website, be put in conspicuous position " 13802222220 " mobile phone number, mark a price for 8. 80 thousand yuan, connect " 13510363333 " mobile phone number also sells went out 2. 80 thousand yuan high price. Because this year is an Olympic Games year, contain " 2008 " the number of several string also follows when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation. A few " Olympic Games " number had sold nearly 20 thousand yuan. Additional, a number differs only between each other " sweethearts number " , date of mobile phone end agrees time month time without prior consultation " birthday number " , " plate number " , " commemorate number " etc, ovation.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, those mobile phone number in high price of the line out on the website, occupied only all " beautiful date " very small one part, and can sell a big price truly, need money of cover negotiate a price commonly, resemble containing " 8888 " , " 6666 " etc " lucky " the number of several string basically is control in several yuan.

"Lucky number " trouble is actually ceaseless

Ms. Liu is the boss of a beauty parlour, she once cost more than 50000 yuan to buy an end date to be last year " six hundred and sixty-six thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight " mobile phone number, still enable formally in first day of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar designedly. "Want a graph auspicious at that time, did not think of to be able to be stared at to cheater unexpectedly went up. " use since Ms. Liu memory " lucky number " experience, repent unceasingly. Having " six hundred and sixty-six thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight " after two after number many months, ms. Liu received a strange telephone call, the other side claims is professional ad plan corporation, can low is invited for Ms. Liu act art star Dai Yan. Ms. Liu believes, the result is cheated went to nearly 100 thousand yuan.

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