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Can the Olympic Games swim the net " play " to what degree?
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The Beijing Olympic Games that attract worldwide attention ends, chinese delegacy obtained gold to figure first good result, us the positional declare publicly of sports big country is not had beyond. Besides, the Olympic Games also has greatest help to the development of our country economy, occupy statistical number to make clear, during be being held successfully to the Olympic Games from Shen Ao, china is annual additional because of the Olympic Games achieved the economic growth of 0.3% . But, with respect to the observation earning of scope of activity of CBI · sport, the Olympic Games did not swim to domestic net it seems that the industry brings too much profit. Regard a substantial traditional entertainment as the industry, the Olympic Games makes its attention is spent drop, swim the net more attention attracted the user on him body. Was this one element brought after all why to plant the influence of degree? Its wing wind aftereffect, whether can you swim in domestic net again does the industry lift new billows?

The Olympic Games looks in peep show

Olympic Games eve, foreign media already conveyed them not optimistic to the industry of Chinese network game during the Olympic Games view. In beautiful banner bank the industry of game of 2008 China network this year January grows a report in, the analyst swims Chinese net industrial grade is " neuter " (Neutral Bias) . And before this in forecasting, chinese net swims the grade of industrial great majority is " bullish " .

Beautiful banner bank thinks, of the Olympic Games hold will swim for the net bring negative effect, but because the 3rd quarter also is season of net You Wang at the same time, the growth place that so adverse effect will be brought by busy season is quits. The report of beautiful banner bank points out, the development cent of industry of Chinese network game was 3 phase 2008: The first phase is come from the beginning of the year before the Olympic Games. The expressional grade that reports to China the net swims in this one phase is " bullish " , the reason is to value main network to swim the outstanding achievement that the four seasons spent the company 2007 (actually, no matter was last year,the money of the first the 2nd quarter signs up for this year, showed Chinese net to swim the good outstanding achievement of the company. But they encountered recently however quite substantially drop) ; The 2nd phase was 2008 during Olympic Games of the 3rd quarter is held. Elegant general is to the grade of this one phase " be expected to fall " ; The 3rd phase is the Olympic Games later, elegant general is to the grade of this one phase " bullish " .

The Olympic Games truth of Chinese type

During the reason that major analysis does not value depends on an Olympic Games, the net swims user spending falls enthusiasticly, they think, players can go to more attention centrally over Olympic Games match. Actually this is forecasted and not accurate, according to understanding of scope of activity of CBI · sport, during whole Olympic Games, except the opening ceremony that evening each are big the net swims the online number of the company has appeared besides bigger wave motion, the others time keeps balance when peace. On August 8 towards evening, from 19:00, the online number of each company drops in what there all is different rate inside short time, the extent of certain company was to achieve more 20% , do not pass a number rebound relatively rapid also, it is normal to restoring basically that evening. After this, the number of each company mostly with comparative at ordinary times.
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