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Shi Yuzhu is malcontent " giant " research and development is spent will study b
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On September 11, giant network (the following abbreviation " giant " ) announce " journey is nostalgic edition " will on September 27 fair measure.

In allude a net below giant network division swims " giant " , shi Yuzhu says frankly right at present " giant " rate of research and development is not satisfactory, already made personnel of research and development continues to perfect " giant " , will roll out at the near future culminating fair measure.

It is reported, " giant " game was measured inside the bottom last year, the ground is common this year in March measure. Be in fair after measuring, " giant " game is accomplished daily update, but the dissatisfaction that because BUG and service are flabby,once also had caused a player surely.

Shi Yuzhu says frankly, " giant " the development degree on the low side of game, the possibility is only 50% , after discovering a variety of problems, giant will stop to all markets are publicized and be popularized almost this year in April, dedicated at regret of fill a vacancy of cover of research and development. Accordingly, will begin in April from this year, giant pays close attention to no longer " giant " the online number of game and income circumstance.

"We will be heavy next hearts make research and development, spend a development tall " giant " appear before the player. " Shi Yuzhu says.

With " giant " photograph comparing, giant rolls out this " journey is nostalgic edition " development is finished degree very tall, introduce according to giant respect, development degree achieved 85% above.

Hold water from 2006 up to now, giant throws research and development ceaselessly, but there still are two products only below the banner at present, one is 3 big edition " journey " , another is " giant " game.

Shi Yuzhu says frankly a lot of networks of oneself and country swim the company is different, he swims in the net of study blizzard mode.

"Although blizzard already was the net with the famousest whole world swims company, the altogether below Dan Jiqi has 3 nets to swim only product line, it is not eager to rolling out new product, improve ceaselessly however already had a product, roll out all sorts of version, we go is a such roads. " Shi Yuzhu says.

Before this, shi Yuzhu ever expressed, " giant " it is a game of 90 minutes, and get all the time of recognition of domestic most manufacturer, player " demon animal world " be worth 60 minutes or so only. This one view ever also posed the doubt of media and netizen.

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