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Forbes: Gu Ge marchs game is not an incredible story
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Gu Ge marchs game is not an incredible story

Gu Ge indexes new business is developed ceaselessly on the foundation that prop up in search. We think, gu Ge becomes game to issue trade likely. Actually, gu Ge already for many times sortie game bound, the Google Lively gregarious website that this company will roll out July is aimed at namely " the 2nd life " (of Second Life) player. In addition, gu Ge will buy Adscape of firm of ad of the buy inside game with the cost of 23 million dollar in March last year.

But up to now, gu Ge serves as on two afore-mentioned projects not quite. Current, the user of Google Lively is so little that the user of Google Lively have pity on, and after Adscape is bought, meet with " snow hides " . But we think, the condition of thing of low mediate of these two branches is brief only. Senior vice president of Lazard Capital Markets stalks or branch Lin Saibasidian (Colin Sebastian) says, "Of Gu Ge handle affairs means is extensive trial. "Of Gu Ge handle affairs means is extensive trial..

Often speak of whether to march game is issued or when market of research and development, gu Ge keeps low-key. July 2007, cereal song game is in charge of uncle Ni Siduolaer (Bernie Stolarer) ever expressed, this company is interested in potential game advertisement only. But of Google Lively push industry of sell one's own things to be full of doubt.

Gu Ge marchs game industry pattern is diversiform

Gu Ge marchs further the means of game is diversity. Gu Ge is weathy, it can buy completely or several recreational game develop business, pass Adscape to release advertisement of the buy inside game in these recreational game. For example, the browse person of Pogo.com and RealArcade game website basically is the female of 35 years old of above, they had been used to browsing the advertisement in game, insert type advertisement by force especially. If Gu Ge rolls out advertisement of the buy inside the game that rolls out similar AdSense, so it ovation.

Additional, gu Ge perhaps can buy the game of a top class or medium dimensions to develop business, attract player of game of class of ashes of the dead. These players are 35 years old of the following males mostly, although they reject ad of the buy inside game, but they are willing to endure these ad however, in order to win free AAA class game.

Actually, the U.S. Army grooms for the game of the target with enrolling recruit tool -- " American army " (the similar pattern that America's Army) takes namely. Released 2002 from this game since, its register a player to already was close to 9.5 million, total online playtime is as long as 233 million hours, be equivalent to 26614.

In addition, gu Ge's existing a few technologies can be used at making network game. For example, development is the flight simulation game of setting with cereal song earth, or it is the street navigation development that uses cereal song map one dogs in big city emissary game. Outside these tools that use Gu Ge of course, make a game still need to do a lot of serious works, but undeniable is, gu Ge basically had finished the rock-bottom skill that game place requires.
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