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Chinese telecommunication marchs the net swims roll out Chinese edition the 2nd
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As China service provider and Internet receive the biggest integrated news to reach application to serve a provider, company of Chinese telegraphic group, with Beijing China limited company of technology of constant radical network signed cooperative agreement recently, march formally 3D community platform, roll out fictitious 3D fashionable community jointly with this company cooperation -- ChinaQ.

" ChinaQ " the 3D fictitious community that is a many person and alternant platform, offer for the user fictitious pay the service such as friend. The user can buy land here, hand in friend to chat, recreational recreation, do poineering work make money wait for an activity. Fictitious world community draws lessons from network game development, but the design of " of " open mode that ChinaQ pays attention to oneself more.

Second Life (the 2nd life) opened 3D network of fictitious space times prelusive, because be in Second Life,can be done and the same thing in real world, also can do the thing that cannot accomplish in real world, can study, OK the life, OK marriage, enter the ground in order to go up to the sky. It is magnate, OK to can become real estate it is star, OK to become movie and TV become manorial advocate, can become " sacred " even. And in China gradually arisen 3D fictitious community develops gradually have Chinese distinguishing feature more, pay attention to Chinese user the experience that makes friend to blend in more among them, initiate fictitious community of Chinese type 3D thereby.

All the time since, fictitious world community is lying as the ceaseless maturity of its trade pattern a big rise period phase climbing slope. Because get the limitation of the condition such as bandwidth, make integral development tends slow. ChinaQ serves as the fictitious community that solved problem of terminal operation trade, become the new company of 3D fictitious community. A lot of industry public figures think, did not come to fictitious world two years to will rise abruptly quickly in China, make the one part with essential people.

Beijing China constant base network technology limited company held water 2006, it is one is located in the company that establishs platform of 3 dimension Internet surely. The film that starts focal estate as the success stands gallop the company's subordinate wholy-owned subsidiary, the 3D style that this company develops at present is fictitious community -- ChinaQ, can offer creation to the user the world, fictitious real estate, make friend interactive, online make money, a variety of services such as recreation.

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