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Internet, multimedia mobile phone enters new scope of operation
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New scope of operation, this Shanghai international is metropolitan in famous fashionable and recreational land. A kind of SNS that is based on mobile phone platform (SocialNetworkingServices, sociality network serves) software. Although stay in DEMO phase only, but this gadgety include SNS is at present medium a few kinds of relatively attractive package.

Mobile phone SNS is developed on platform of S60 of Symbian operating system. "People often says the mobile phone already was not pure communication terminal, because take a picture, video frequency is broadcasted, they already can pile up camera, MP3, PMP for algebra (portable media player) wait for equipment. Regard multimedia as terminal, the mobile phone is the most crucial is the character that can be interlinked with Internet. The mobile phone is the most crucial is the character that can be interlinked with Internet..

Recently, multiMediaIntelligence of market survey orgnaization is based on the research report of multimedia mobile phone to show, the speech ARPU that gain ground and drops what wireless speech corresponds increasingly is worth, driving wireless operation business dedicated serve at data income.

Value of traditional speech ARPU is in an emergency already was not thing of 9 days, focusing is wireless data business, be the first to be affected of nature of multimedia mobile phone becomes the most appropriate carrier. Go on as shirt-sleeve as Internet road, intelligence is changed provided the operation environment that uses more easily for multimedia mobile phone, this also is the opportunity that two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two developer dig gold at the same time.

Catenary of mobile phone industry the rain of blood of wind of raw meat or fish that any link hides to compete nevertheless. Internet, intelligence is changed, the new scope of operation of multimedia mobile phone, here centered the pioneer in 3 industries, apple, Nuojiya and Gu Ge.

From the HTCG1 of mobile phone of Android operating system that IPhone appears on the market to the front of the section, the whole feeling that rolls out to Nuojiya again is tasted newly 5800, they are new model of multimedia mobile phone undoubtedly.

Multimedia and Internet

2006, nuojiya " proud " the ground expresses to the whole world, because exceeded 100 million products to embark to photograph,resemble a head, the company makes the whole world manufacturer of the greatest watch for an opportunity.

At that time, the mobile phone takes a picture of the function into still have certain space like quality and digital camera, make this kind of view is accepted for everybody place hard, but Nuojiyaquele watchs his to become. Soon after, nuojiya became the MP3 player manufacturer with the biggest whole world -- , result from MP3 yuan of parts of an apparatus a large number of gaining ground, change the Nuojiya with celebrated advantage with dimensions ground of not stint cherish is in fine long hair MP3 function acquired in product of the much below the banner.
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