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Chinese telecommunication sends force WiFi wireless communication to will become
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Tide of a wireless communication is coming over to consumer. According to " Chongqing morning paper " report, chinese telegraphic hopeful in the whole nation many cities try business to use mobile phone of i of W i F, the end of the year will be large-scale roll out. This is meant, inside any area that set heat of i of W i F, want an user to have mobile phone of i of F of i of a W only, can come true at any time and place wireless get online. Mobile phone terminal is about to enter period of i of W i F.

Telecommunication develops WiFi cloth site energetically in

According to " southern daily " report, current, chinese telecommunication is beginning the cloth of i of W i F to choose the job energetically, in south 21 province did deploy of i of W i F, the plan is finished to the end of the year 2. 50 thousand heat are enclothed. Shanghai has built 3000 heat, Guangdong to build  of heat of i of F of 1400 W i up to  , Wuhan will enclothe  of 500 heat field in May 8000 build before the end of the year of the  end April, Zhejiang, Jiangsu already was in complete province cloth set more than 8000 to receive a point, fujian also plans to complete the construction of 900 heat before the end of the year.

User respect, development of business of i of W i F is driving. On the outstanding achievement news briefing by this year March, chinese telegraphic president holds presiding apparitor Wang Xiaochu concurrently to express, business of i of W i F already had nearly 8 million user.

i of W i F regards China as telegraphic key strategy product, although its whole builds program detailed information to did not make public exposure, but the share that announces according to H3C is computative, chinese telecommunication plans the heat of deploy to may be as high as 100 thousand, involve the wireless construction of nearly 30 countrywide cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Fuzhou, Nanchang.

As we have learned, growing trigonometry area now, user of Chinese telegraphic broadband uses an account, the local freedom that can growing heat of i of F of i of trigonometry area W to enclothe gets online, as Chinese telecommunication heat of i of W i F enclothes the amplification of limits, date of a Zhang will realize different ground to get online to also will become reality very quickly in countrywide each district henceforth.

Current, cheap and i of convenient W i F already made the whole world wireless the main stream that receives, shine what make urban construction together beautiful scenery. During Beijing wireless city realizes an Olympic Games use freely, more the wireless city of our country construction is turned to a climax.

Meanwhile, the domestic economy such as Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shanghai developeds the area also does not have one exceptional ground to include development the program wireless city. So far, the wireless construction of our country already was entered raise fast level. What as Chinese telecommunication cloth of i of W i F nods is ceaseless and perfect, can foreknow, wireless communication will make prospective communication trend.
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