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Mobile phone Internet will trade into recreation, electron new platform
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The word will make the recreational trend of wireless Internet times more on October 7 as You Yu of mobile phone net, convenient, safe, stable mobile phone paid mode to also become wireless Internet portal to offer the one share of the service. A few days ago, the mammoth in the sky of brand of game of famous mobile phone below division of the network in sky and home's banner tripartite pays platform Yi Bao pay collaboration, for " day disaster Online " , " different the Three Kingdoms " the player that waits for mobile phone game introduced the mobile phone terms of payment that fills value card to be medium all right with China.

After user mobile phone lands the net in sky, if want to obtain game to pay cost the service, the card name that needs to fill China the value to get stuck all right only, password pays interfacial input to be able to be finished in the mobile phone pay, discharge the insecure element that the bank inputs to block information to may be caused on the mobile phone when through the bank card pays. With China travel at the same time card full a cost is medium, pay process and pay a result but ego control, expense is more Anacreontic.

The 21st when announced 2008 according to center of information of Chinese internet network " statistic of state of affairs of development of Chinese internet network reports " , at present the user of 400 million mobile phone of our country has 530 million mobile phones, yuan Chao of this one word online computer counts 78 million family; And be in 210 million netizen, already 24% choices use a mobile phone to receive Internet. Mobile phone Internet is a tens of times platform at computer Internet, prospective recreation, electron trades more meeting relies on this platform. Accordingly, provide diversification for the user and one of assurance that the mobile phone terms of payment with convenience extremely strong sex also is operation of mobile phone game.

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