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EA carries 5 nets You Jingyan to appear on 2008 Asias game to exhibit
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Afterwards is exhibited greatly in the E3 that los angeles will hold this year in June and exhibit in the game that Lai holds than stannum last month go up to be obtained greatly reputably hind, american art report (abbreviation EA) announced will exhibit in 2008 Asias game ginseng exhibit game list. EA general the actual strength that with its driving game battle array shows EA to reach originality side in innovation to new old user, in the meantime, EA also rolled out diversification to satisfy the different requirement of the user product of outstanding and interactive entertainment.

What be worth to be carried especially is, this EA exhibited You Zhen allows luxurious net, included brand-new MMORPG " battle hammer Online " , medium-sized game " EA SPORTSTM FIFA Online 2 " and " NBA STREET Online " etc, Battlefield Heroes? (interpret of of short duration: " battleground hero " ) , " Battleforge " game of much money network.

In the meantime, exhibiting EA game will exhibit this to include in Asian game: With " FIFA " , " NBA " , " highest grade flying car " and " imitate life " series is a delegate most the series of game of sell like hot cakes that suffers a player to love; With " Littlest Pet Shop " , " Nerf " N- Strike " and " MONOPOLY " the game of suits broad and recreational player and family Ren Tiantang platform that is a delegate; With " SimAnimals " , " Mirror ' S Edge " , " DeadSpace " and " Spore " those who be a delegate is brand-new game series. The returns research and development of partner having EA game that exhibits at the same time, come from Crytek " Crysis Warhead " and come from MTV Games/Harmonix to suffer those who expect to obtain special honour repeatedly fully " Rock Band " , also will exhibit greatly in this go up to appear publicly in the Asia first. " Rock Band " the top rock-and-roll that this big hot play collected many whole world to have force most the work of the hand, will be in early or late Singapore, new Zealand and Australia are rolled out.

The work on this the small screen is none inferior also. EA Mobile also announces at the same time now " Spore Origins " be about to land Nuojiya N-Gage type. This game will make full use of the powerful function of N-Gage, let a player operate the way that the part gives him alive from first life form. " Spore Origins " the game that will roll out on N-Gage with other EA if " Tetris " , " modular personification gives birth to 2 pet to be in charge " and " EA SPORTS FIFA 08 " exhibit jointly.

"We are very proud, this EA will come to Asia-Pacific area with calendar year the most luxurious game battle array goes out exhibit GCA, exhibiting top game work included sports kind, movement kind, recreational kind, horrible kind, imitate is managed kind reach each categories such as network game. " Jon Niermann of president of EA Asia-Pacific division expresses so. "As Asian market user of interactive entertainment product grows ceaselessly, stand-alone game and network game are many emerge in large numbers, we will be brought this year more brand-new game. And GCA is an absolutely good chance shows these work to the broad player that has deep love for game. And GCA is an absolutely good chance shows these work to the broad player that has deep love for game..
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