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Gregarious network development causes recreational game unrest
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Video game is becoming more and more the mainstream, it is in enter living room of family of world each country while the industry that also brought up a 25 billion dollar. But one night of plane of sport of Ren Tiantang Wii leap up is red the only reason that is not game industry growth, of recreational game reviving just is mainer factor. This kind of game does not need to remember all sorts of commands, also need not drill on 36 hours of ability raise one level, of all kinds personage can the fun that amid experiences him.

Exhibit greatly in the game of E For All Expo that runs this weekend on, american interactive art and Joseph Aolin of scientific society chairman (Joseph Olin) says, "The person that employs game now is all through the ages is most " . Adult child is in the issue that should buy and so on of which two game for such as holiday overtaxes his nerves.

The player's consequence

The foot of game produced the change of world-shaking in going 10 years, ao Lin thinks, the cause that causes this kind of change is gregarious network develop quickly, all sorts of miniature recreation that go up to YouTube from the mobile phone gradually be current, and more and more apparent ground mirrors the changes that rectifies consumption of acting person recreation in current game.

"5 years before we know Facebook, MySpace and YouTube far from. (Children now) recreational consumption had changed -- the time that holds new move becomes shorter and shorter, shorter and shorter, their whole world is a screen, " Ao Lin points out, "Game manufacturer also reflects the world all round them in effort, accordingly, they created all sorts of network game kind in order to suit now the quick rhythm of the world. They created all sorts of network game kind in order to suit now the quick rhythm of the world..

For example, not be everybody be willing or can be in after the flower climbs a fictitious mountain 25 minutes, arrive at another hill again. Then a few game develop business to set the mission more shortly, or it is to install a series of lesser tasks to guide a player to climb. "This mirrorred the substantivity of real world not only, also mirrorred people to consume recreational demand way, " citing says Aolin, "4(Grand Theft Auto 4) of flying car of steel seeing a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, this game is mixed completely by a few little jobs namely small short story comprises. This game is mixed completely by a few little jobs namely small short story comprises..

Wii is a kind of product that can draw the masses to move toward game very much, this kind of sport plane that operates through handle is replete the experience type game with all sorts of interactive man-machine, make much product also can be found on other platform among them. The PlayStation Network of the Xbox Live of Microsoft and all alone Buddhist nun was offerred a series of network game.

Recreational game revives

Actually, changing besides the society besides, game stylist also is being changed. 10 years ago, when they are more than 20 years old can the game that him indulge develops, now, already arrived and stand year game stylist also gets the limitation of all sorts of time, new feasibility condition also can be reflected in game design.
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