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Play mobile phone game platform of mobile phone of indulge in wilful persecution
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Forum of each old mobile phone explodes in succession recently a virus of trojan of a mobile phone, weak point the person that enrol in a few days is close already 1000 people.

As we have learned, this paragraph virus formal name is MsSver.A, virus peddler is called this virus camouflage into " barrow beautiful shadow " installation of game coax user, and actually, inside installation bag besides normal play, still baled the virus form that can send a short message automatically in mobile phone tiring-room. These short messages are certain the ordering short message of SP paying fee, after contracting this virus, virus physical ability is in quite user fine long hair orders a short message to use up user endowment to expend through sending these below unwitting circumstance. More serious is, this virus is returned can screen the 10086 announcements deducting cost that issue, bring about user loss to increase further.

According to the safe expert of net the Qin Dynasty the report says, "Barrow beautiful shadow " trojan virus -- MsSver.A belongs to malign trojan kind, the meeting after this virus is installed releases Mssver.exe and AutoStart.mdl to mobile phone memory file of these two virus, when game is started, mssver.exe backstage sends a short message to begin the process that ill will collects fees to SP, autoStart.mdl is in charge of switching on the mobile phone to be able to start this process automatically every time. And move of the meeting when starting game because of these two crucial files arrives inside folder of mobile phone system, the user cannot be uninstalled normally or delete.

Mobile phone of net the Qin Dynasty killed poisonous product to update virus library at present, instinct of its latest edition is checked quite effectively kill this to suck Fei Mu horse, after the user that installed mobile phone of net the Qin Dynasty to kill poisonous software can update virus library, executive overall scans and delete can.

To ensure the virus inside the mobile phone has cleared clean, machine of the adversary after net the Qin Dynasty suggests the user reduces toxin undertakes restarting, mobile phone of net the Qin Dynasty moves to kill poisonous software to undertake 2 times scanning again after switching on the mobile phone, delete the virus that remains possibly.

As we have learned, besides barrow beautiful shadow this game, do not eliminate game of other mobile phone or similar virus also hides in the installation file of software.

Net the Qin Dynasty installs user of complete expert proposal, although MsSver.A does not have duplicate ability and other transmission way at present, but user of general mobile phone does not receive the mobile phone software that installs unidentified antecedents or play at will, and special remind user of broad mobile phone, must the habit that nurturance updates a mobile phone to kill library of poisonous software virus regularly, do not have fluky mentality. Run rampant in mobile phone virus now, often use the software that reduce toxin to protect his mobile phone only, talent is real nip in the bud, ensure our mobile phone avoids poison of catch a disease catch a disease to the greastest extent enroach on, cause pecuniary loss.
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