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Shift announces net of 9 mobile phones swims in through fair measure

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From original of 100 treasure chest " set limit to makes " go up formally to stage of You Ping of mobile phone net line, the Internet that fictitious game world is becoming China to move to be developed energetically " plot of land for personal needs " .

Chinese shift already issued an announcement to the partner a few days ago, announce net of first 9 mobile phones swims through fair measure. Among them, of the mammoth in sky " the day robs " , the United States is connected wireless " 3 bounds are fabulous " with a beloved daughter " airy I times " 3 game will gone up formally on September 10 line plan cost, additional 6 paragraph general on September 25 before go up formally line plan cost.

This can'ts help letting a person recall the royal company of the Korea game manufacturer at the beginning of this century and China, it is OK that they turned PC game into turned PC game into from a recreation the industry of operation, is it possible that does Chinese shift want to be on operation of mobile phone game open up a new scope of operation?

And be in not long ago, chinese shift just was opposite platform of stand-alone of game of its mobile phone " 100 treasure chest " carried out those who aim to popularize high-quality goods strategy " set limit to makes " , both connect, dream of China's mobile mobile phone game is being done quickly big.

Swim to mobile phone net from 100 treasure chest platform

In platform make on, besides game, still have the company of operation game.

In fact, from last year first half of the year, shift begins to plan to build station of new net You Ping in, course survey, development, inside after measuring roll out formally in June outwards this year, roll out at the same time still 13 undertake fair measured mobile phone game.

The game company personage that shares this evaluation to " communication industry signs up for " the reporter expresses, the selected principle of stage of You Ping of this China mobile net is " wide measure severe on " , "The BUG with game too much short of can enter a test " , but contrary, if want,enter formal the actual strength that the level of plan cost may consider with respect to need.

According to reporter understanding, china is mobile no matter from register number or online time, and the respect such as income, all have higher demand to checking game, and have to the company of each test go up the quantitative requirement of line game. Can say to be able to go up the line is official the game of operation all is the company with many sided comprehensive strength waits better in service of means of product quality, operation, client.

Very apparent, after the high-quality goods of 100 treasure chest is politic, chinese shift hopes in the net You Ping stage illuminates this to duplicate. On August 1, the platform of download of game of 100 treasure chest that Chinese shift issues in the banner carried out those who be based on SP " set limit to makes " , according to this regulation, the SP of different level embraces some game amounts to will be restricted inside 100 treasure chest. Current the state, chinese shift hopes 100 treasure chest advocate play stand-alone game, with the net You Ping stage brings its place each. Future does not eliminate stage of net You Ping to incorporate the possibility of 100 treasure chest.

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