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Demarcate of eye of end of exclusive game era is cross platform

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After experience passes to molopolize and betray disturbance ablution incomputably, capcom make a decision eventually, end a game to belong to the times of a platform only thoroughly. The 2008 money that are in a company year in investor report, capcom government announces from today in the future crosses platform to did not molopolize only.

Capcom government date expresses clearly in the year report that issues shareholder: "All is in next financial year and future book the main game work that roll out, will serve as without one exception cross platform game to undertake developing. Will serve as without one exception cross platform game to undertake developing..

Besides, capcom government still affirms in the report, company all henceforth crossing platform game develops a project, the MT frame that will use a banner to fall develops a tool group, by Capcom the new achievement of own research and development will help developer this realize the changeover between PS3, XBOX360 and PC platform leisurely.

That is to say, be inspected previously " the top of a wall is careless " (point to the promise that overthrows oneself to molopolize for many times) CAPCOM, will act this more thoroughly.

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