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You Ju of hand of Suo Le software is made land Tokyo report to play exhibit

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Game of annual Tokyo of electronic game grand ceremony exhibits the communication platform with had become game player and firm main. Tokyo game was exhibited 2008 (TGS 2008) kicked off formally on October 9, 2008, the place still is in Japan 1000 Xie Muzhang international are exhibited hold.

As exhibit the supplier of sole game of Chinese mobile phone inside the meeting---Suo Le software, this KEMCO of manufacturer of as famous as Japan game cooperates, play in 2008 Tokyo report exhibit game of large RPG mobile phone is released formally in Japanese market " Untied Doxastic " .

Last a period of time of search happy software a year of many research and development, what bend force makes is large start RPG game formerly " Untied Doxastic " , initiated sexual use " system of the real time in game " -- differ with traditional game, namely after the player quits sport, the incident in game still also undertakes, make the player is continueing so game from time to tome brand-new game experience.

The player that joins 2008TGS can arrive exhibit a stage to try play " Untied Doxastic " . Ever since, this game will be in Japan in succession NTT DOCOMO of business of 3 big operation, KDDI and Softbank provide download service. All alone spokesman of happy software news expresses, chinese player also very will fast can experience subject matter of science fiction of this be in harmony, environmental protection concept, high-tech method and romantic love story blow hard at the game of a suit.

Search happy software - business of China's banner development of mobile phone game and hair are peddling, to the whole world 100 operation business offers 40 countries the content of mobile phone game that wonderful confused shows. More information visits:

Manufacturer of KEMCO- Japan's banner mobile phone game, ever distributed game of a large number of famous RPG mobile phone.

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